Friday, August 29, 2008

tight people of the day: gladys knight and the pips

I just love Gladys and the Pips. First of all, how tight is the group name "The Pips?" I mean, who does that? Gladys is adorable as hell and doesn't put me off as a frontwoman. She makes me feel all calm and happy inside while her nifty little Pips dance and sing behind her using one microphone and a lot of awesome leg work. Now, I don't claim to be some Gladys Knight expert, but I do know this group hails from Hotlanta and sings some really great R&B and soul. Old school, son. I wish I could get the group from, like, 1967 to perform at my wedding. Could happen. Anything is possible if Sarah Palin was picked for a running mate. I digress.

Obvi, the biggest hit of this group's career was the beautiful and amazing "Midnight Train to Gerogia" which is still covered by drunk Texans in karaoke bars across the state. Haters to the left! This would definitely be my karaoke pick. I just want to wail on the "I'vegottago" part at the end. Also, who doesn't love pretending to be a train engineer on the "Woo woo!" part. So tight!

Gladys Knight and the Pips - Midnight Train to Georgia

tight image of the day

Spaghetti Cat! Read a little about this amazing kitteh!

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mccain gets himself a broad

I mean, seriously. some young, cute GILF? isn't that a little blatant? Doesn't McC just want his own "historical nod" headlines? Homegirl plays the flute, breeds pretty cute kids, and somebody made a Lego out of her, but her husband has a goatee and wears performance fleece, so you be the judge.

I personally can't wait 'til PETA sees this shit:

I mean, I get it, SP, you're a tough, rugged lady who people seem to dig and you did sell that jet on eBay and everything, but you will NEVER top her pantsuits! YOU CANNOT TAKE THAT AWAY FROM US.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Riding the Bus with My Sister

This gets annoying within the first few seconds - imagine watching this in a theater stone cold sober - jesus christ that would be the pits.

Grabowski Shuffle

Sissy should be "Valerie Grabowski" for Halloween.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

two of my favorite things have united

Everyone knows I'm a My Morning Jacket fan. If you don't, where have you been? Also, everyone knows that I secretly wish to be Erykah Badu in a gigantic and huge way. A portrait of Erykah lives in my bedroom with me and makes me feel safe and peaceful. Is that tight? The point is, these are two of my favorite things in life. MMJ and Badu. Well, guess what? Erykah joined the band on stage the other night in Dallas (Dallas!) to play "Tyrone," a song of hers they have definitely covered for a while. I wish I could have been there. It's a badass song to begin with, then add in some guitars and nice dudes, and then throw in Erykah's flowing dress and hair and vocals and spiritual presence and I think I just passed out. Michael Phelps is going to wake up in a cold sweat every morning after he sees this because nothing he has done can top this. Yeah, I said it.

The sound quality on this video is a bit shit, but basically I just want to tinkle when Erykah comes on stage. There a few more shorter vids on YouTube if you want a better sound. Seriously, I had a smile plastered on my face the entire time I watched this. My ears and eyes have bled gold, my friends. I seriously cannot get over this.

edit: I found an alternate video with better sound and a closer Baduview.

tight person of the day: clarence carter

Hold the phone! I really need to discuss those shoes with someone. I double dog dare someone to search Austin vintage stores, find those, wear them, start a round table discussion about it, and report back to me. Maybe throw in an Ed Hardy shirt/hat for good measure. Now to the real baller of the story...

Clarence Carter is a soul singer. I know you are really surprised that I posted about a soul singer. LOLZ. Well, he's super tight. Go fig. I had one Clarence Carter song, from the Almost Famous soundtrack, that I listened to night and day until I realized it was possible to attain more CC. So I did and now I'm a happy lady with a spring in my step.

Here's the thing about Clarence that is awesome: he's blind. He got a music degree from the Alabama State College and then went to town becoming a huge badass. I read that he a got a B.A. but we all know what that really stands for. Amiright? Clarence struggled with success at first, which is a huge shame, but then finally hit the nail on the head in the late sixties with songs like "Slip Away." He definitely dabbled in disco a little bit, which is a smidge tight, but I prefer his soul stuff. He's got a bajillion albums to choose from and is a super easy and great listen. Clarence gets the party started. I know this because I looked at the album cover below. HELLO! Paging Dr. Awesome.

Clarence Carter - She Ain't Gonna Do Right

Clarence Carter - Slip Away

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Sun Lips

I saw this band at SXSW and I swear I wasn't on ACID or wearing ACID stone washed jeans.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

tight person of the day: renaldo domino

Oh, boy. That guy crooning above is the super tight Renaldo Domino. First of all, how baller is that name? Secondly, I can't get over the purple suit OR the gold tinfoil curtain. I swear to gawd. I'm obsessed with this album. It's part of a series of albums put out by the Numero Group label, which showcase and re-release old and tight soul. This particular album is mainly made up of music from the old Twinight label. As you can see, it's #13 in the series and known as Twinight's Lunar Rotation. It's one of my life goals to collect all the Numero Group albums. I have about four. CHRISTMAS IDEA FOR ANNIE!!

Renaldo is featured on this album, and it took me a bit to figure out it was him being a huge badass on the cover. How tight? According to legend, he was renamed "Domino" because his voice was as sweet as Domino sugar. Well, I love everything about that story. He is soulful and funky, and sings in a super tight falsetto voice that makes all the ladies weak at the knees! However, I had a lot of trouble finding other information about RD on the interweb, so I guess you will just have to sit back and enjoy the music for what it's worth.

Renaldo Domino - Not Too Cool To Cry

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Friday, August 22, 2008

james brown and his dance lessons

I want to give a huge thanks to Josh G. for sending me this clip because it is one of the most unbelievable things I have ever seen. Is this tight? Duh. James Brown teaching me how to do dance moves? Um, hello! The only thing is: I can't do these moves like James Brown because his leg muscles literally never stop moving. I cannot stop laughing at his open tangerine shirt. Holler! Oh, and by the way, I totally want Gav to dress up like that for Halloween.

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Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time

You forgot to mention when Cher took over a battleship, sat atop large caliber guns, sported a thong with a leather jacket, and surrounded herself with homo sailors.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

something old i like #7: cher

Now, I don't mean to criticize Cher with my above title. Homegirl is 62 years young, after all! But the Cher I love is from the past. I mean, as most of you know, I definitely just saw Cher in a live Las Vegas show that was over the top ridic, but I have a soft spot for sixties and seventies Cher. So here are some of the things I love about Cher, who has inspired a million drag queen outfits.

1. Her Hair
No one has better hair than Cher. These days Paris Hilton has her nasty Fraggle extensions, but back in the day, Cher was holding it down for all natural, straight, parted-in-the-middle hair. I bet girls all over America tried to lay their heads on ironing boards to get this look. I'm obsessed with seventies Cher hair! Although it must have been really super hot. I was Cher for Halloween in 2003 and I definitely had a nasty black wig that I sat on numerous times. That was so tight.

2. Her Ever-Changing Yet Preserved Face
Cher is a plastic surgery freak, but I respect her for it, for some reason. I mean, she has a hot mess look, but she has managed to tweak her face slowly and over time. She looks completely different than she did when she first arrived on the scene, and most definitely has a wax face these days, but she's CHER. So who cares? The eyelid area bothers me a bit though.

3. The Time She Wore That

4. Mermaids
Oh, I'm sorry, you haven't seen the great American classic cinema slice that is Mermaids? Get off your ass and do it now. This movie sucks but it also so special to me. Cher and Bob Hoskins dating is about the best thing that can happen. Baby Christina Ricci scares with her eyes that bore into my soul. Worth it for Cher.

5. Cher and Sonny singing "It's the Little Things"
This clip was shown in its entirety on a giant IMAX screen at the Vegas show, which was a bit frustrating. But it's a pretty tight clip. I actually enjoy most Sonny and Cher songs.

tight image of the day

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

tight people of the day: sharon jones and the dap-kings

Well, here it is. What we've all been waiting for. The only thing better than seeing Sharon Jones on the stage is breathing. Yeah, I said it. Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings make some of the funkiest, sickest, baddest, and tightest music of all time.

I've seen Sharon and the Dap-Kings three times now and they just get better and better. You better believe I'm even debating a one day ACL pass just to see these badasses! If you haven't seen Sharon live, forget all that crap about "the birth of my first child was the best moment of my life" or "graduating from college is the most important thing to me" because after you see SJ, your statement will be, "That was the greatest thing I have ever done!" Your mission will just be to get more and more. This I can guarantee. p.s. I took that picture in January at the Antone's show. How tight?

Sharon entered my life in 2005, when I was on the streets. SIKE, but still, I was just really getting into learning about soul and listening to a lot of different music than just the Weezer/Jimmy Eat World/Dashboard Confessional train I rode in high school. (You are lying if you say you didn't listen to a Jimmy Eat World album while crying over a high school crush at some point. No? Well, shove it.) This band's music changed my life. It makes you feel so dang good, and I feel like a part of when music was great and at huge heights. Seeing this band live is like being transported to another place and time. They also pretty much use all analog equipment for recording, which makes me want to dance down South Congress.

I would also like to point out that Sharon once worked a prison guard. Day-um! Sharon knows what's up. I also feel like she could just lay her hands on me and I would be cured of any ailment. Who's with me?

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - How Long Do I Have To Wait?

Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Nobody's Baby

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

marvin gaye + national anthem = my dream come true

Question: Does NBC air all the best commercials during the Olympics because they know asses all across the nation are planted on couches waiting for the good stuff?

Answer: Yes. (Hello, I watched gymnastics in Las Vegas! I'm reppin' hard, son!)

Anyway, Chaps has been telling me about this Marvin Gaye commercial for a while. It's really a commercial for Nike and the USA Basketball Team, but it showcases Marv singing the National Anthem at the 1983 NBA All-Star Game. This is probably the best rendition I've ever heard/seen a singer do. I mean, I am a little biased since I loves me some Marvin. I have a little picture of Marvin that I can stare at in the kitchen while I'm at the sink. Off-topic but who cares? Here's the point: this is the most badass thing I have ever seen and I want to thank Nike and NBC for choosing this clip and this man to make my life better. From the sunglasses to the beat in the background to the suit to EVERYTHING. I'm in love.

tight people of the day: the kinks

The Kinks are one of those bands that I didn't listen to much until I was in college, and even then I mostly stuck to the basics and the most well-known songs like "You Really Got Me" and "All Day and All of the Night." Not that there's anything wrong with that. But the catalog is a lot more tight than it appears. Recently, The Kinks had a bit of attention from being used in a Carnival Cruise commercial. Barf. But they were heavily featured on the soundtrack to Darjeeling Limited. While I have mixed emotions about the movie, I truly enjoyed the use of these songs. Wes Anderson always gets that right. In fact, the song I'm sharing with you today was used in Rushmore. Hello, tears, goodbye, presentable face! That movie really gets me.

Anyway, The Kinks are pretty tight fellows. They got big during that crazy British Invasion time period in the sixties when it seemed most of the good music was being made overseas. Oh yeah, another really crappy band came over to America then, too. SIKE! You know who I mean. The Kinks were really driven by a crazy hard guitar sound that was groundbreaking for the time and led faithfully by Ray Davies. Some of their songs are really super tight, but for some reason I feel like I would never know that except for the power of the internetz and iTunes, my boyfriend.

The Kinks - Nothing In This World Can Stop Me Worrying About This Girl

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Your Daily


tight person of the day: eddie kendricks

Oh hai, my name Eddie! Look at this badass poking out this star to greet you. What a baller! Eddie Kendricks is so super tight, mainly because he was a Temptation! That is automatic baller status, I don't care what you say. He was one of the lead singers from 1960-1971. Um, hello, he was a co-founder of the group, as well. ARREST THIS MAN FOR BEING TOO AWESOME. I like Eddie's solo sound because it's kind of disco-y mixed with soul. He has some great beats with a super soulful voice. All in all, a great dance party selection. Or just a great sitting around selection. Isn't it always Kendricks o'clock?

Eddie Kendricks - Girl You Need A Change Of Mind

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Food Cart Review: Flip Happy Crepes

So remember that time three months ago when I promised you regular food cart reviews but never followed through? Well that was admittedly not at all tight, but I'm bringing it back, if you'll have me. And I am more than willing to stand outside your bedroom window in the rain singing Air Supply's Greatest Hits a cappella with a handful of Juanita's breakfast tacos to win you back.

So for our transition back into loving each with mobile food, let's address the big, fat elephant in the room, that hard-hitter of Austin food carts, Flip Happy Crepes.

I gotta say, I'm as prone to the hype as most, but these ladies kind of deserve it. I mean how baller is that beret-wearing smiley face, right? Plus, Flip Happy was ambushed and came out victorious on an episode of Throwdown, the cockiest show on television, and I am in favor of anyone who embarrasses that a-hole, Bobby Flay.

The menu here is essentially two-fold: savory crepes, and sweet. My familiarity lies more with the savory as my sweet tooth is a little under-developed, but i have had the pleasure of experiencing their Nutella crepe and the lemon curd with blueberry.

Both are exceptionally baller with a soft and light crepe I have never been able to manage at home and just the right balance of tart and sweet and messy in portions that don't make you hate yourself.

The concept of a savory crepe was pretty novel to me my first time there, but what you eventually end up with is a fancy, fluffy wrap of sorts. And you really can't go wrong on this menu, a roster of veggies and cheeses and meats in thoughtful combinations with plently of vegetarian options. Standout contenders here are the slow-roasted pork and its soulmate, the caramelized onion. Gruyere is in high supply as well which, let's face it, we could all use a little more of in our lives. Prices are a little high for a cart. A savory and a drink and you can easily spend eight bucks on lunch, which isn't too bad, but it's a cart, for Crepe's sake.

But, it had to happen, here are my petty complaints:

The Menu: Seriously, it is so long. Not in terms of items included, but nothing has a name. I'd even settle for a number at this point, but as it is now, you can only order by listing every single ingredient in the crepe that you want. So its, "Hi! How are you? Fine, thanks. I'd like a slow-roasted-pork-with-cheddar-cheese-pickles-and-tabasco-sauce crepe, please." Maybe I'm touchy, but how awkward is that? And of course the best one has the longest name.

The Popularity: Everyone and my Great-Aunt Ruth is lined up down the block at lunch time, and they ladies running the show are so laid-back that it just can't happen on a lunch hour. I wind up pannicked and frantic and nearly killing myself trying to eat on a moped.

The Lack of Bottom Fold-Over: Details, but IT MATTERS. Sweet crepes get a plate and a fork, but the savories are eaten with your hands like a sandwich. But every time I've had one, there is a failure to fold the bottom of the crepe OVER the goodies rather than UNDER, you know, burrito-style. So on that fateful bite halfway though, all of your delicious goodies squirt out the bottom of your crepe and you are forced to embarass yourself by licking the paper afterward. Maybe it is some piece of complex crepe science that I don't understand, but it is a source of disappointment.

Flip Happy has been off on summer vacation (how baller is that?) and they reopened for business yesterday. We should go.

Overall Rating: Pretty Damn Tight, $$$

Thursday, August 14, 2008

tight people of the day: blind faith

For a really long time, a time which perhaps has not ended, I was obsessed with Blind Faith's song "Can't Find My Way Home." I was totally in love with it because it's the end song that runs during the credits to one of my favorite movies ever, Fandango. But that's another post.

Here's the thing about Blind Faith. Two of the four members are Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood. How tight is that? The other super tight thing is that I had trouble picking two songs to share with you. Because they all suck. SIKE. They are all baller. The musicianship is awesome and the small group of songs they produced have truly lasted through the years.

Blind Faith is a rock band that only released one album in 1969. This makes them even cooler, because they were so mysterious. I mean, one album? Tight. I feel like Blind Faith is the kind of album that every dude listens to in his bedroom and then tries to play on a crappy guitar at a house party. But that's ok with me, because I would rather hear some d.a. play Blind Faith over Blind Melon for the 600th time. Anywayz, their album went to #1 and they definitely had some success for a bit. However, they broke up within a year, probably because they couldn't agree on what kind of badass pants to wear. Look at those pants! I'm in love. So here's a little Blind Faith to enjoy poolside.

Blind Faith - Can't Find My Way Home

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Monday, August 11, 2008

tight person who isn't a soul singer (srry anners)

Recently, Griff and I had the distinct pleasure of schooling one Miss Roch on the extreme tightness that is Delilah, Love Songs at Night. For those of you who live UNDER GIANT MOSSY ROCKS, Delilah is the baller that brings all the Adult Contemporary music you crave to a crazy-ass ton of syndicated radio stations in the U.S. and Canada from 7:00 p.m. to midnight. Lady D gets an average of seven million bajillion listeners a night, and is only rivaled by that lame-ass, John Tesh.

Delilah is super tight because everyone thinks she lives in their hometown. That's because she takes callers and speaks to your soul. But really she is everywhere and is BFFs with Barbara Streisand. And no one is that legitimately baller but the Clintons and that dude from JAG or his dad or whatever.

According to the internetz, Delilah is 48, and a single mother of ten! Yowza! Rumor has it she broadcasts from her basement in Oregon while all the multi-ethnic babies sleep upstairs. But how in the eff is the self-proclaimed "queen of sappy love songs" raising kids ALONE? I mean, according to her website, homegirl can hold a guitar in stilleto boots and manage a pretty stellar high knee while BALANCING ON TOP OF A JUKEBOX!

If that move can't snag a dude, ain't no hope for the rest of us. Delilah loves bubble baths, Aaron Neville songs, keeping it real, Dove chocolate bars, and giving you rocking life advice.

Here's a nice little sample of how Delilah speaks to your heart, which she does every night on Majic 95.5.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

r.i.p. isaac hayes

I can't believe this. What is going on in 2008? Seriously. Isaac Hayes is the biggest baller probably ever born. He was definitely on tap to be a Tight Person of the Day at some point. Don't worry, that can still happen. Who names an album Hot Buttered Soul? I love this man. He will definitely be missed for leaving a beautiful soul mark on the world. Please enjoy this tune of this great man. I like the way he croons on this one.

Isaac Hayes - The Look of Love

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

tight person of the day: billie holiday

First of all, how divine is Billie in the pic above? Second of all, who else remembers the Billie ref in Clueless, when Cher says, "I love him!" Great. Now that we have that out of the way.

Billie Holiday is a jazz singer, and she might be somewhat of an acquired taste. However, if at first the voice bothers you, just keep listening and I promise you will see that she is an amazing vocalist. Billie had a tough childhood. She was a prostitute and was in jail for a while. Good thing it only helped shape her into a baller. Throughout her recording career, she worked with all the big cheeses, like Count Basie and Louis Armstrong. What's cool about Billie is that you know it is her singing right away. She's got a truly distinct sound. Later in her life, I think her voice took a lot of hits from her drug use and drinking and such. But she's still tight. I read that Billie died in the hopsital with 70¢ in her bank account. Wowstown.

Anyway, in my opinion, Billie is a great companion to summer nights outside. So next time you are having a tumbler under the porch lights, play some Billie, grab the one you love for a spin, and think of me! Or not, whatever you're comfortable with. Here's Billie's singing a classic, "Blue Moon." Viva Billie!

Billie Holiday - Blue Moon

r.i.p. bernie mac

Man, this sucks. I love Bernie Mac! He was way too young. 50 is just too young these days. Bernie totally won me over with his gut-busting scene in Kings of Comedy. HOW GOOD? Watch below. Also, I love Bern in Ocean's Eleven. Yes, I watch that every time it comes on TBS, and not for the Pitt, but for Bernie!!

He'll be big ballin up above.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

tight person of the day: ernie k-doe

I like to take chances at Waterloo Records sometimes and go for the employee recommendations or just what they have sitting around. Well, I wasn't let down when I went for Ernie K-Doe. I figured if it was soul, it couldn't bad. Then I saw his photo and THEN I saw that Allen Toussaint was his producer. Day-um! I had to go for it. Ernie's sound is definitely classic R&B and soul.

The album I got is really good but I didn't really know anything about Ernie himself. I started reading up on him and he was one crazy slut! He was born and lived mostly in New Orleans and had his first hit in 1961. He hung around N.O. and became pretty popular for doing insane things. Apparently, after recording and hosting a radio show and generally being awesome, Ernie kicked it up a notch by referring to himself as the "Emperor of the Universe" and wearing a cape and a crown. What a baller! I want to party with this guy. His wife is a baller, too, because after he died in 2001 she ran a fake election campaign to get him elected for mayor of New Orleans! Super tight. I think it was meant to be a joke, but she made money off of it and that's the sign of a true baller. As far as I can tell, Ernie K-Doe isn't very well known but his songs are fun and lively so have a listen.

Ernie K-Doe - Here Come The Girls!

Ernie K-Doe - A Place Where We Can Be Free

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

check out these ballers growing corn in awesome hats

tight person of the day: john prine

John Prine is a nice little folk singer that has been around since the seventies. John Prine is a great storyteller, but more than anything his songs make me feel like I'm swimming in a giant mug of hot chocolate. I feel like John is one of those rare musicians that most anyone can appreciate. Like, if you don't cry to some of these songs, there is no hope for you in this world. Anyone can use a little Prine whether they are sitting on the porch, driving on a road trip, or just making dinner. Also, Christmas truly wouldn't be complete without a little John Prine Christmas album. I'm serious. I've been fortunate to see John Prine several times, most recently at ACL Fest 2005. I was far away but it was still tight. Also big ups to my parents for taking me to see him many years ago, when I probably didn't appreciate it, but now I do.

I don't have "Far From Me" for you to download, sowwy, but I encourage you to check it out. Prine himself said it was the favorite of all of his songs. It also contains some of my favorite lyrics of all time, such as "Why we used to laugh together/And we'd dance to any old song/Well, ya know, she still laughs with me/But she waits just a second to long." COULDN'T YOU JUST DIE. Oh, and "Well, a question ain't really a question/If you know the answer too." I just passed out. I didn't mean to turn this into a John Prine lyrics session, but seriously.

In short, Prine has produced some of the most heartfelt and sensitive songs of all time. Some might compare him to Dylan, but I think he's in a class all his own. I need fifty tissues now to take care of this crying problem from making this post. John has even beat throat cancer! I mean, what a huge baller.

John Prine - Donald & Lydia

John Prine - Hello in There

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Messer für Frau Müller

These crazy ass Russians manage to blend '50s Soviet propaganda cartoon noise with surf rock to psychedelic electronica to dialogue from archaic Soviet cinema. First ran across them with the Deuce while randomly flipping quarters to decide what album to play out of the new music stash during our brief hiatus at KVRX. Apparently there is a German bank that uses their music for their television advertising proving yet again how awesome the Krauts are.

Best Girl from USSR

Funny Man

Snow Man

free credit guy

One of the greatest pleasures in my life is watching television with my feet up and a glass of my "Mama's medicine" in my hand. Look, don't judge me. However, sometimes I'm right in the middle of the best Mary Tyler Moore episode and this damn guy comes on my screen.

Doesn't he just look suspicious? He's hiding something behind that car door, and I don't want to know what it is. Well, there's good news and bad news. The good news is he's just an actor. WHEW. The bad news is he's in a commercial for (we all know the jingle) and he's on television every five seconds. I'm glad this guy is making some dough, but I'm tired of his antics. He stars in various versions of his bad credit report nightmare, from driving in his crappy car with his friends stuffed in it clown-style or working in a pirate-themed restaurant. LOL. I do kind of like it when he sings about serving iced tea to those old geezers. The same two dudes are always playing with him. They need to get a gig at Hole in the Wall or sumthin! I'm upset with these commercials but also slightly obsessed with them. I'm impressed how they can fit all the information in these tiny, short songs. Who writes these? Their commercials have always annoyed me, though. Who remembers the original ones with that guy that was all,"I'm thiiiiiinking of a number." Loser.

I get real super pissed when these jingles get stuck in my head for two weeks and I start singing them when doing laundry. Then all the animals join me and I'm like Cinderelly! Sike. Also sucky, it turns out Free Credit Report ain't that free, and they charge you like $15 a month to use their services. Watch the three latest ones and see what you think. And yes, I realize this is just helping to promote them by posting their commercials, but I want you to suffer like I already have.

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Monday, August 4, 2008

tight person of the day: elton john (honky chateau era)

Elton John put out an album in 1972 called Honky Chateau. This album is so special to me for some reason. Also Elton is ready to cut a bitch in that photo. Elton and his writing partner Bernie Taupin truly outdid themselves on this one. A few of these songs on here are my "stop light songs." This means they are the perfect songs to listen to when the stop lights are blinking red, you are coming home from Sugar's (sike), and it's 3 am. One song in particular, "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters," is a stop light song but also a crying song BIG TIME. This is the album that also features "Rocket Man" which I know every dude has sung in the shower at some point, don't lie. So I picked two songs from this album that I really love. Of course, "Mona Lisas." But also another song, called "Salvation." When it first starts, it appears cheesy but it just builds and I want to put on a choir robe and stand on my balcony and sing to the streets. Maybe someday I really will do that, and we will have a whole new post. Salvation keeps the hungry children fed! Thanks, Bernie and Elton.

Elton John - Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters

Elton John - Salvation

Also, a huge Is This Tight? shout-out to Ryan Griffin, who is a loyal reader and whose warm and welcoming high-five will never be forgotten.