Monday, August 15, 2011

pure jamaican soul

I really can't say enough about this song. It's so pure and sweet and speaks to me so clearly that I feel like I had some part in its creation.

This is a wonderful song called "I'm Still Waiting." You'll recognize The Wailers, who you may know because they later became the backing band for a dude named BOB MARLEY. Well, this is just Bob, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer performing way back in 1965 as the Wailing Wailers with back-up singers. This was before Bob met Rita, before he turned to the Rastafari movement, before the reggae sound developed that we are probably most familiar with. They are just bebes here and you can really hear the R&B influence.

If you ever find the Greatest Hits of Studio One album, I highly suggest you buy it immediately. These early Wailers songs are truly priceless.

The tenderness of Bob's voice here is really too much to handle. It's Jamaican me crazy. (Sorry.)