Saturday, April 23, 2011

mr. lee fields

Lee Fields on a Saturday, y'all. Album version and a live version. Get some.

I am OBSESSED with the guitar and bass in this song.

Friday, April 22, 2011

tight person of the day: annette hanshaw

Oh, Annette. I love this lady so much. She is my go-to musical choice when folding laundry and putting said laundry away in drawers. When I listen to her sing, I feel transported. I want a flapper haircut and some kitten heels and some Prohibition alcohol.

At the end of every song she sings, Annette cheekily says "That's all!" This kills me for some reason. When I first got some of her stuff, I would listen for the finale send-off to every song like a dog waiting for a whistle. She is precious.

Annette was doing her jazzy thang in the twenties, y'all. She recorded into the thirties, but then gave up show business completely to start a family. She walked away from being a supremely popular singer at the time. She was working and living in Manhattan and was pretty well known. In 2008, Annette was rediscovered (and discovered by me) when artist Nina Paley used many of her songs for her animated telling of the Ramayana in Sita Sings the Blues. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY THE WAY.)

I just love her sweet and tender voice. I hope you enjoy it while sipping on a Pimm's Cup. Happy Almost Summer to you all!

Annette Hanshaw - Daddy Won't You Please Come Home?

knowing nolen.

Today's a good day for a little Jimmy Nolen, no? Expected high of 94 in Austin and I'm off work. Get down.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

lost someone.

This song came to me while I was at work today. I can't stop listening to it. How sad is this tune? I wish I could sing just so I could belt this out.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

it's finally time this happened.

SXSW 2011. Land of dreams and kebabs and happy hours at Taverna and pedi cabs. Home of new musical discoveries and nightmarish hipster visions. Yes, this festival has it all and then some.

This year, SXSW was a total thrill ride for me. Yes, I needed several pep talks in the St. David's parking garage daily to keep going (thanks, Yaelie) but we made it through. We lived like queens through the streets of Austin. Nothing is better than walking into Stubb's without having to wait because YOU HAVE A PLATINUM BADGE (thanks, LP). A month later, I've had time to reflect.

This year, one person dominated my entire experience. No, not Kanye. I didn't even attempt to the get to the power plant. I'm talking about the most amazing performer I've ever seen live.

Charles Bradley.

I am planning on another post later to truly showcase my deep, deep love for this man. But I must share this gem with you first. Y and I dancing, in earnest, to his performance at Cedar Street Courtyard with the Menahan Street Band.

Obvi, we have no idea we are being filmed. This is also apparent because I am clearly dressed like a 4th grade boy ready for recess. Who wears horizontal stripes on camera, America? And Old Navy jeans from 2003 made into jorts?


We are FEELING it. It's like a religious experience. The first few seconds are just me with a giant grin, watching Charles and his unbelievable hip work. Are we dead serious with those moves? Also, Y and I synced up. How.

Some things I love:

Y's amazing YELLING during the song.
Y's arm slice.
My inability to do anything but gape at Charles.
My spirit fingers.

Some things I hate:

Clothing choice on my part.
That this is on the web.
That we aren't a meme yet.
What I did in front of the amazing and hard-working musicians of the Menahan Street Band/Daptone Records/Truth and Soul.
That I can't watch this video at work to get my daily fix because YouTube is blocked there.
That Charles isn't performing in my living room right now.

Sorry, I just wrote an entire post about a video that is barely a minute long and is starring me. BUT IT'S MY BLOG.

tight person of the day: sweet emma barrett

Another day, another tight person. I am ready to unleash all over this blog again. I haven't given it the proper attention for some time, but things have really been busy here in Austin, Tejas. I want to kick it off again with an amazing woman, someone truly deserving of recognition here at Is This Tight.

The beautiful and talented Sweet Emma Barrett. Just look at her. The jingle bells around her legs!? I can't even deal. These bells led her to be known as the Bell Gal, also a super tight nickname, in my opinion.

Sweet Emma is from Nawlins, and rose to fame singing and playing piano with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band (also worth a post). She recorded several tight albums in the sixties, including this one, a personal fave of mine.

She suffered a stroke but kept right on tickling. The thing is, she's a total diva in the best sense. I am in awe of her when I watch videos of her performing. To me, she just seems to personify the New Orleans spirit and what the music from that iconic town means to me. Sassy, funky, soulful, and unique. She wasn't afraid to play those dirty bars and did it her whole life. I hope you love watching her as much as I loved Google image searching her.

ain't no way

I have tears coming out of my eyes right now.