Thursday, March 4, 2010

3 titans bring the tightness

So these three fifth graders from Brooklyn decided to be tighter than all of us and cut two songs on Dunham Records recently. Look at those ballers! These extraordinarily tight throwback-ish sounding songs are making my world complete. My dad bought me the 45 (thanks, Daddy) and now I've been jamming to it on the regular. Just wait until you hear the horns on "The Life of a Scholar." Dead serious.

One of the tighter things about this single is that the Menahan Street Band is backing up the 3 Titans. I love their message and their funkiness and I wish they were all in my class.

Can something be TOO cool?

Here's their music video for "The Life of a Scholar" followed by the sweet sounds of "College."

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james brown dancing with daughter gives new meaning to life

Look at this clip of James Brown performing on Soul Train. Then look closer at his dancer - his tiny tot daughter, Deanna. ARE WE DEAD SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?

One of the best YouTube comments was "Honey, we shrunk Lyn Collins" which made me chortle a bit. If your daddy is JB, you're guaranteed to be a good dancer.

Thanks, Carla!

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