Saturday, November 27, 2010

country saturday

Enjoy a little Merle! It's a beautiful day in Austin and I just put up my Christmas tree.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

tight person of the day: franklin

Franklin is one of my favorite Peanuts characters. He talks about his grandpa a lot and doesn't get Snoopy AT ALL. I really like this guy. He's the last one invited to the impromptu Thanksgiving meal in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, but he shows anyway because he likes his old buddy Charles. Anyway, Franklin doesn't talk much in the specials, except for the one time he RAPS. (I know, I know.) Franklin gets no love. Look at this seating arrangement.

Anyway, he's a cutie pie. Enjoy your Thanksgiving this year. Take tons of pics of all the great food you consume and then let me see them. Happy Franksgiving!

tight image of the day

daily LOLcat hilarity

Monday, November 22, 2010

already missing oprah and she's not gone yet

Ever heard me talk about Oprah? No? We aren't real friends. I reference her in conversation, quote her on a daily basis, and have a deep love for her that is stronger than the way I love krab with a k. Lately, I've been watching her every single day as part of her "Farewell Season." We all know Oprah doesn't play and she's coming back to television probably faster than we can blink, but she CLAIMS this is her final time to do everything tight, like Oprah's Favorite Things.

ANYWAY, this video is a permanent bookmark for me because when I've had a tough day or just need a dash of O in my life, I turn to it. Not only does she do things like reunite the entire cast of The Sound of Music, she also screams at every possible opportunity. Never change, O.

How many times can you watch this before going insane? THE INTERNET GIVETH.

tight people of the day: those hamsters from the kia soul commercial

Look, I'm asking for zero judgment on this. I don't care if this ends our friendship. I really don't. These hamsters mean everything to me. This commercial has been a serious dog whistle for me since the moment I saw it. Their fat, fluffy legs. I can't. There are also some hamster ladies that are looking pretty fly.

I am going to break this down for you.

1. Hamsters in hoodies.
2. Hamsters wearing Timberlands.
3. Hamsters DRIVING.
4. Hamsters break dancing.
5. Sleepy methhead drummer hamster.

6. Hamsters demanding you choose between the Kia Soul and items like a TOASTER.
7. Hamsters hanging out on HAMSTERDAM Avenue.
8. Take the wine bottle away from me.

Just watch.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

get pumped

I've been gone a while, and I'm going to correct that very soon. October and November have been super crazy, but I'm going to strive to make more time for the tightness.

In the meantime, have a dance party, y'all.