Tuesday, March 31, 2009

tight person of the day: william bell

Some people are natural at being total badasses. Look at this guy! I can't get over it. First of all, I love a dude in a pinky ring that is taking himself seriously. It also helps when you are a huge baller in the soul department.

William Bell is a soul singer and songwriter. I have a great deal of love for William for writing the amazing song "You Don't Miss Your Water." It's so good! What a crazy story, too. Little William was just working at Stax as a songwriter and then BOOM! He records his own composish and has a hit. It's his sig song. Willy had a long relationship with Stax Records and released several more tight soul songs on this label.

Willy has been sampled so much in hip-hop. But he really knows how to wail. Just another classic soul singer I really needed you to kmow about. The song I am sharing today has a neat story. It was released in 1968 and in 1986 Billy Idol did a little rearrangin' and released it as "To Be a Lover." LOLZ.

Enjoy William Bell tonight and hopefully he will take an honored place with your other soul songs.

William Bell - I Forgot To Be Your Lover

the voca people

Here's something to give you a mild nightmare tonight. As if there weren't a million other things to help with that! I present to you The Voca People. They are an a cappella group that sings the CLASSICS. I mean, that part of it is really tight because they are doing some amazing things vocally. However, WHY MUST THEY BE DRESSED THIS WAY? I just don't understand. And why are the dudes wearing Black Cherry Wet 'n' Wild lip gloss?

I do like how they start "Mr. Sandman" there at the beginning because it makes me think of the Golden Girls episodes I watched just last night where the ladies babysit.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

sunday night treat

This week, I am coming BACK on the blog. I have been seriously under the weather after SXSW kicked my ass. Oh, and that horrible air we breathe in Austin. I think I have probably breathed enough oak and pollen through my nose to make one brand new tree. That'd actually be kinda tight. The point is, I miss you all. Here's a treat for Sunday night to help you start your week. No one wants a case of the Mondays! Please enjoy "The Snake" sung by Al Wilson. Al is a soul singer who sounds a bit like Johnny Rivers to me.

Have a good week, dears.

Friday, March 27, 2009

dog milking a goat

I'm no Internet expert or anything, but I think this is the greatest available web clip. The thing is, it combines two giant loves of mine: one being talking animals and the other being dogs walking on their hind legs. How cocky is that dog? His little hat. I'm not hatin' though. He's just trying to make a decent living like the rest of us. And that goat! NO WAY. I would make some sweet chèvre with that shit, nahmean? I love his voice and his tude. I love this clip. How can eleven seconds make me so happy?

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Monday, March 23, 2009

this kid

I'm really confused, you guys. Is this a kid or a forty year old Gary Coleman-esque dude? I really can't figure this out. Either way, he's semi-entertaining. And by semi-entertaining, I mean totally creepy. Is this tight or just weird? Here he is singing a Pussycat Dolls song.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

my favorite sxsw moment

I forgot to share this with you.

On Friday night, as I walked to Continental Club, I passed the giant Baptist church on South Congress. It has a crazy slanted roof that I desperately want to slide off of into a pool.

Anyway, not the point. Here it is: there was a tent set up near the church and some chairs. People were hanging out and I'm not quite sure who was actually running this. However, graphics were being projected onto the side of the roof, which is really quite perfect for slides and movies and such. Wouldn't it be tight to watch The Big Lebowski or something on that roof screen?

ANYWAY, the point of this whole post is that while the graphics were being projected, the tent's giant sound system was playing Gram Parsons and the Flying Burrito Brothers the whole time. And I saw COUPLES SLOW DANCING TO "DO RIGHT WOMAN." I almost lost it. It was the sweetest sight and one of the best moments of this whole festival for me. It just brought a happy smile to my face.

sxsw day 4

Saturday, March 21

I can't believe it has all come to an end. I am tired but happy. This was a crazy four days. There was still way more I could've done. In the end, I guess you have to pace yourself. Let me tell you about Day 4.

The biggest thing I wanted to do today was see Erykah Badu play at Auditorium Shores. We walked there and saw the most massive line of all time. We sorta cheated and skipped all that and got inside. People were nutz at this show! I have major crowd-ranting issues I could go into right now, but just know this: I really need you to leave the tiny tiny kids at home.

ANYWAY, the show started with The Cannabinoids, who are like electronic hip-hop experimental DJ town. From what I can tell, it's basically a group of DJ dudes from Dallas, but what's kinda tight is that they are all supposed to represent different parts of the brain aka a different musical "role." Cool concept. This whole project was apparently created by Miss Erykah Badu, who plays with the group. So this group started and then they kept getting the crowd pumped for Erykah to come out. So of course, everyone is getting real super anxious and excited to see her. Then some dude comes on the mic and says she had "travel difficulties," but no one is taking any equipment off the stage. Basically, I was getting really pissed/more and more confused, but then she just came strolling out. She can do whatever she wants. So I was just starting to get into it, when she left the stage. She literally played like three songs and that was IT. I know she's not the main focus and the group as a whole was the act playing, but you know everyone that walked their asses to the lake to see that shit wanted to see Erykah. Anyway, she's still a baller. I just can't wait to fulfill my dream of seeing a longer set from her.

Then we waited an hour to get OUT of Auditorium Shores. Better planning next year, Austin.

Then it was time to head downtown. We walked around for a bit, grabbed a drink, and headed to Buffalo Billiards. We wanted to see Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears again (yes, I know) but also arrived in enough time to check out Solange Knowles. Now, this is the sister of Beyonce, y'all. And she is playing with a band called the Hadley Street Dreams and going for a soul sound (I think). However, we had time to sit on the patio outside for literally thirty minutes while her band did a sound check and then we came inside and found a spot to stand and STILL wasted tons of time. I was getting antsy because I knew all this wasted time was cutting into Black Joe's time. Finally, the set started but I have to say I felt so-so. Some of the songs had a little groove and I could sorta get into it, but then the lyrics were terrible. Like, there was a song literally about having a "champagne and chronic night-cap." WTF? Anyway, she's trying.

So she ended at like 1:40 which meant little to no time for Black Joe Lewis, but they got set up as quickly as possible. What can I say that hasn't already been said? Amazing live show, total dance factor, great sound. I want to see this band perform every single day. Fortunately, they got to play over and didn't stop until around 2:30. Then Kat and I walked up 8837729999 flights of stairs to get to my car. I also think I walked through some puke on the way.

So, SXSW 2009 is ovah. I want to give a giant shout-out to Linda for everything. Thanks to all the friends who bummed around with me. Thanks to vodka tonics with lime. Thanks to all the music I saw and thanks to all the guys that would try to dry hump you when you walked down 6th Street and then apologize like they really didn't mean to do it.

Now I'm going to go do laundry and drink more coffee and check my bank account.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

sxsw day 3

Friday, March 20

THE LONGEST DAY EVER. Man. Day 3 really kicked my ass. But it was worth it.

After lunch, I met up with my friend Kat and we headed downtown to hit up some day shows. We were actually lured to Red Eyed Fly by the promise of free Bloody Marys (doesn't that sound good when it's 87° outside?), but alas alack they didn't have any. We cruised all down the 7th and Red River area, stopping in Beauty Bar and Creekside Lounge. I really have no idea who we were seeing or where they were from, but we would stop and listen to a few songs from each band. Most of it was iffy, but some of it had a few danceable moments. We stopped at Jim Jim's for ice cream and snow cones. I got the biggest ice cream cone of all time and looked like a total loser carrying that down 6th street. WHO CARES. It's SXSW.

Time for another pedi-cab. This time we got one to Waterloo to see Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears play an in-store. Man, I love this band. I can't get over it. It was so packed and HOT AS HELL in Waterloo but the crowd was loving it so much. I'm not even ashamed to say that I'm going to see them again tonight at Buffalo Billiards. Make the most of the wristband, y'allz.

After Waterloo, I had a refreshing snack at Whole Foods and then headed home for a bit of R&R before my next stop. I headed to Continental Club to see Barbara Lynn play with her backing band (for the evening), Eli "Paperboy" Reed and the True Loves. I was looking for a night of pure soul and that's exactly what I got. The thing is, I have a love for Barbara. I actually blogged about her a while back. I was super pumped to see she was coming to play for SXSW. Eli and his band started the show and then she came out, ready to strap on the electric guitar. I don't know if it was because I was at this show alone, or that I had such a good spot, but I could not stop smiling the entire time. I was just grinning ear to ear. She is so beautiful and amazing. One of the best things I have ever done. FRRL. They played her biggest hit, "You'll Lose a Good Thing" and ended with the Ray Charles classic "What I'd Say." (P.S. Can someone tell me if the song is called "What I'd Say" or "What'd I Say"? I can't figure it out.) I was in heaven to the nth degree. I will remember that show forever. It truly made my heart sing.

After my mind was blown apart, I headed downtown via cab (real cab this time, y'all) to meet up with Kat again at the Devo show at Austin Music Hall. Now, this show was receiving some buzz so I was interested to see it. Also, this was my first time experiencing the new Austin Music Hall. SUCK. Anyway, that's not why you called. I'll be honest for a second and say that I don't know a whole ton about Devo. I know "Whip It!" and the red hats and a few other songs that I've heard through the years. I respect Mark Mothersbaugh for what he's done in his post-Devo years. Not knowing what to expect, I have to say that this show was so fun! It was the ultimate dance party. It was totally packed and everyone was grooving in some way. The dudes are old but they give it their all. They had a crazy Kanye-like video screen behind them that some bum gets to operate. I want that job. At one point, Mark got some orange pom-poms and waved them like a cheerleader along to the music. Crazy ballers. They are like the original hipsters, knowwhatimean? I really enjoyed it.

I was fading fast and I knew the end was nigh. I headed back home and got some sleep after another successful day of music. Tonight: ERYKAH BADU. Are we dead serious? See you tomorrow, kittens.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

sxsw day 2

Thursday, March 19

This day was scorching! Seriously, I think if this is any indication, then I simply cannot handle summer this year. I'm already sweating just walking outside.

I hit up a day show today and spent more time in the intense heat. Nothing like a cool glass of medicine to keep me relaxed and happy. My dear friend Sean was in town so we went to 4th Street together for some good times. We ended up at Cedar Street Courtyard, pushed our way to the front, and saw Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears. If you can catch this band during SXSW, you totally should. They are local and play around Austin frequently, but even if you are from Austin GO SEE THEM. This is one of the best live shows I've seen in a long time. First of all, Black Joe is a huge baller. He was wearing G-Unit shorts. The rest of the band was matching in coordinated white shirts and black pants and SMILES. Seriously, all the dudes on stage looked like they were having so much fun that it made me want to dance around even more. It was soulful, funky, loud, amazing, bluesy. Some of these dudes are so young! I can't get over being such a badass in your twenties.Bottom line: fantastic live show, sounds even crisper in my car driving down South First. TIGHT.

Later, I headed to Club 115 for a Western Vinyl Showcase. When we arrived, Callers was playing. The band is from Brooklyn and the female lead singer has a great voice. They sounded sweet and light. It had some folksy elements but also got a tad jazzy. Nice stuff.

Next up was local fave Balmorhea. One thing that is super cool about this band is that they can command an audience's attention. It's really crazy to go to a show and see grown ass people sit and listen and focus. Of course, there were talkers at this show and people glued to cell phones, but for the most part, people are interested. The band has a super lush sound with a violin, upright bass, and cello in the mix. The two lead dudes switch off between guitar (acoustic and electric), piano, and banjo. Some of the songs are like floating on a cloud. I just think it's neat to watch young people with so much musical talent, because I can't do anything except play the beginning of the Jurassic Park theme song on a piano. I guess the autoharp counts for something, even though a monkey can learn how to play that.

The next artist featured in this showcase that I stuck around to see was J. Tillman. This dude is a singer-songwriter from Seattle. You might be familiar with him as the current drummer for Fleet Foxes. I saw that band in July so I was curious to see him solo. He has a nice, even voice and the music is simple yet sweet. This is perfect winter music. I want to curl up in a blanket and listen to his records. The only crappy thing about all these sets is that Club 115 is located right next door to THE COCK PIT, the gay dance club. Which is all fine and good. But the pounding bass made it difficult for the stripped down performances this showcase had to offer. It was clearly irritating J. Tillman and Nicole, cellist for Balmorhea, said she almost started "playing along with it." Too bad since these artists need quiet and peace. What matters, though, is the performances were luscious and managed to shine through.

Another day, another world of music to conquer. Don't hold it against me if I see Black Joe Lewis AGAIN today. It's just too good to pass up for free. I've got a lot on my schedule for this Friday night, so I will see you tomorrow for an update.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

sxsw day 1

Wednesday, March 18

The beginning of SXSW is here! Hard to believe just a year ago I was sneaking into things and covering my arms with long sleeves so no one would notice I didn't have a wristband. MY, HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED.

Anywayz, I started the first day off right with Wax Fang. If you don't know this amazing band from Louisville, then you should start doing your research. I first saw Wax Fang open for My Morning Jacket in 2006 and I totally loved their live show. You know it's going to be a good time when a lion head is attached to the drum kit and there is a pony with pink hair on stage. The lead singer Scott Carney also uses a theremin sometimes, which makes my world go round. Honestly, it's experimental and crazy and awesome but they still know how to rock your face off. You are never bored. The best part of this show was when a guy behind me told his friend, "Damn, are we at The Who?" Tight. The other best part is that the show was at Spiro's. LOL. I kept waiting for the band to break into a Ne-Yo song or something.

I had some time to kill, so I stopped by the Museum of the Weird. Who even knew this existed? I sure didn't. And yes, I really did this. Basically, if you are interested in plasters of Bigfoot feet and some shrunken heads, then this is the place for you. Oh, and you will certainly get your fill of two-headed calves at this place. Still on the fence if it was worth it, but it makes for a good story!

After my museum experience, I headed to see Dan Auerbach at the Parish. Dan is half of The Black Keys. I saw The Black Keys once at ACL right before a terrible dust storm started. I just remember wondering if my face could melt anymore from Dan's guitar solos and then I had to run out of there because I was choking on dirt. Anyway, I love love love the Parish for shows so I was super pumped he was playing there. This was such a great show. His band sounded amazing. The sound is totally timeless. Like, some of it sounds like a dusty group of dudes in overalls on a porch could be singing it. Other times, it's simply straight rock. I also felt like some of the songs were totally old-school blues. I really enjoyed it and am glad I stopped by this one.

I took a pedi-cab to my next stop. Look, y'all, my dogs were barking. This is the first time I've ever done this. And I was alone! It was totally crazy because I talked to the dude some and he kept turning around and I was like, should we be talking or should he be watching the road?

I decided to pop in and see an old favorite, The Grant Ewing Band. They are from San Marcos, but hopefully will keep playing more and more shows in Austin. I was so impressed with this show. I think it's the best set I've ever seen them do. They had a horn section that added so much to the songs. Straight-up soul. Basically, I thought I was going to pee my pants because I was so excited. The crowd seemed to be really digging it, which was awesome. They sounded super tight. And tight as in, the way I usually mean it and the musically awesome togetherness way.

I fell into bed with a mind full of happy sounds and ringing ears. Yes, I'm the total dumbass that never ever remembers ear plugs. Hopefully hitting up a few day shows today to get my soul fix. Will be blogging tomorrow about today!

Stay cool and hydrated and try to find all the free BBQ you can, kittens!

starbursts llama commercial

Another reason to love llamas. Another reason to love Starburst. Another reason to love fake animal legs/hooves. For the record, I feel like a llama chewing a Starburst half the time. But I love those things. Especially the jelly beans. HOLLA!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy st. patrick's day

Today is a special day. It's St. Patrick's Day but also the birthday of my dear friend and Is This Tight contributor Casey. HBD! Remember that time we were celebrating turning 19 and 20. Seems so long ago. LOLZ.

Anyway, I have some Irish blood in me. County Cork FTW. I like to wear green today and pinch those who are not. To honor this special day and St. Patrick's hard work of driving all the snakes out of his country, I present to you a heartfelt and touching YouTube video. Apparently, a leprechaun was spotted in a tree in a Mobile, Alabama neighborhood. People are freaking! Props to Daniel for telling me about this clip of pure artwork.

Favorite things about this video:
1. Amateur sketch (Just watch and you will see what I mean)
2. Ancient Irish flute (Just watch and you will see what I mean)

Don't get too sloshed tonight or a leprechaun will getchoo.

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Friday, March 13, 2009


bush interviews bush

Happy Friday the 13th, kittens. Hopefully it hasn't been one of "THOSE" days for you. Here's something to make you smile. Will Ferrell as Dubya the Prez interviews Will Ferrell as Dubya the laid-back cowboy rancher from Crawford. I almost peed when I realized the entire discussion really was about wood. Be sure to watch Will as Dubya on HBO tomorrow night.

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wash your hands!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

shaquille o'neal on twitter

So, I read Shaq's Twitter. I'm not on Twitter myself (YET) but I follow Shaq because he posts the most random and most hilarious things of all time. I know he would probably frustrate me to no end in person, but sometimes I wish to be his very best friend.

Here's what he literally just Twittered (Tweetered? Tweeted?):

A Rastaman walks n2 a bank & hands the teller a bag of weed. She says "Sir, what is this 4?" Da Rasta said, "Mi wan open a joint account!

You can also follow Shaq, if you please.

tight person of the day: bill withers

Bill, Bill, Bill. How I love thee. Bill is my dream wedding singer. He would get the crowd dancing. Doesn't he just seem like a really all-around good guy? What a nice dude.

Bill is an amazing soul singer who makes it look pretty dang easy. In 1970, Bill sent a demo to Sussex Records. Good move, bro. He was signed and immediately started making an album. Get this: Booker T. Jones produced it and Stephen Stills played guitar on it. That's pretty tight for your first album. I mean, I would be happy if Elmo agreed to produce an album for me. So awesome. So Bill was on a roll and had a big hit with "Ain't No Sunshine." Bill won a Grammy for that song.

He went on to have some more major hits, that you probably have heard sometime in your life. I'm talking about tunes like "Lean on Me" (HELLO!) and "Just the Two of Us." These songs are so good. There's just something about Bill's voice. I almost feel like he could be sitting in my living room singing to me while we watch The Hills. The point is, it's smooth and comforting to me. Nothing can soothe me as much, except a box of Cheez-its and a back rub.

Bill has had a wonderful career and he's still going. I want to see Bill sing live someday. He epitomizes huge baller. Enjoy this funky and soulful song that you can definitely t up in your car. This is such a good driving song. Maybe we'll see each other singing and we can wave across the traffic. TIGHT.

Bill Withers - Use Me

the special effects kid

Look, I know this little dude is all over the place right now. But get over it! I just can't stop watching him do his thang. He's so ridiculous.

Check out 12-year-old freak Kevin Lin show you his special effects/editing skills. I can't believe this kid is actually 12 and doing all this. I love his attitude. He really doesn't give an f! The way he claps his hand together and then just WALKS AWAY. Straight up. He is my hero. Best part: Check out this supreme cockiness at the end of his "Energy Ball" segment. He looks at you like you are dirt.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I saw this the other day and thought I'd share. I made an 1100 on my SATs which was apparently high enough to get me into UT, lol. But, the crazy part is that most of my favorite bands fall into this range. How does everyone else measure up? Base it on your absolute favorite band on the list first, then others you like.

And if you want to check out more details go hurr -> http://musicthatmakesyoudumb.virgil.gr/

Thursday, March 5, 2009

pun stores

Check out these super tight punny store names. Some of these are seriously beyond brill. There are tons more at the source.

awesome bumper stickers

Sometimes I wish had the balls to put a really great bumper sticker on my car. But I'm afraid of getting my tires slashed or getting the stink-eye from sweet old ladies. Also, some of these things I wish I could say in real life. These are the things you always think of later sitting in your room and it's like, "THAT WOULD'VE NAILED HIM."

Can you believe some of these? I actually did some audible laughs at a few. Check out more here. One time on Mopac I was stuck behind a car for like half an hour that had one that said "Excuses are like assholes - everyone has one and they are full of shit!" How gross it that? Hilarious and sick. But true.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

tight people of the day: the byrds (sweetheart of the rodeo era)

Just the other day I wrote about some members of the Byrds. The Byrds are an awesome and fascinating band to me. So many tight people have been in this band like David Crosby, Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons, Madonna, and Cookie Monster. Sike. But seriously.

Roger McGuinn was the only dude to stay in the band the entire time it was together. Accomplishment! You are probably most familiar with The Byrds because of songs like "Turn! Turn! Turn!" and "Mr. Tambourine Man." However, today I want to focus on a period of country rock for the group. Gram Parsons was singing with them and they recorded a really tight album called Sweetheart of the Rodeo. This album has changed my life a little bit. These guys make it cool to listen to country.

So, in 1968, David Crosby had left the group. They started to record something in a new direction and pursued the country sound. Gram had just been hired to play guitar and piano but then he helped push the group to this new sound. They recorded in Nashville and made this baller album. It has covers of tradish songs, new songs, and an old Stax song turned country, which is what I'm sharing today.

Gram and Chris went on to form the Flying Burrito Brothers, which I think was helped along by their experiences on this album. I think only in later years has this album really been felt by the general public. I mean, I'm sure there were some ballers out there who knew "Hickory Wind" was super tight at the time. But years later, you can see its true effects on the music world. Gram called what they made "cosmic American music" which is another way to MIND BLOWING. It's just flat out great stuff. Even if country or twang ain't your thing, you can appreciate this.

"You Don't Miss Your Water" was a soul hit for Stax recorded by William Bell in 1961. It was his biggest hit and most popular song. Otis Redding also covered it at one point. I thought it was tight to share a soul song with you converted by the Byrds. Also, I will marry you if buy me the William Bell single for this song. P.S. This song is a good lesson for life, don't you think?

The Byrds - You Don't Miss Your Water

Here's William singing his original version. Can you believe this baller was at SXSW in 2007 singing this song? WHY WASN'T I THERE????

angry camels

You guys. Sometimes I just have to watch videos and stare at them with my eyes wide open. Like, I will hold back my eyes from blinking so I can take it all in. Then I start to ask myself serious and reflective questions about life. This video will do the same for you.

Coupla things:
1. How does a person get two giant camels with HUMPZ into a small sedan? I mean, I know it has four doors, but still. This seems impossible yet baller.
2. What in the world could these camels be so super pissed about? I mean, Christ on a cupcake! The only thing I can think of is that they already filed and have yet to receive a return.

Look, you are a camel. Your life is so good. You walk around and chew on stuff and give people the stink-eye. Quit complaining and get back to work!

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Monday, March 2, 2009

the party starter

Insight into why the mustachioed man whispers into Souleyman's ear so often:

"Mahmoud Harbi is a long-time collaborator and the man responsible for much of the poetry sung by Souleyman. Together, they commonly perform the Ataba, a traditional form of folk poetry used in Dabke. On stage, Harbi chain smokes cigarettes while standing shoulder to shoulder with Souleyman, periodically leaning over to whisper the material into his ear. Acting as a conduit, Souleyman struts into the audience with urgency, vocalizing the prose in song before returning for the next verse."

do right woman: battle royale


( part deux )

I'm back and I've got a bone to pick with Texas weather. First of all, the warmth is super nice but it brings out all the crazies! Enough with the sidewalk guitar playing and saxophone playing. I know you really can't wait to cruise around town in your board shorts but I really can. Cool your jets! But then, overnight, it switches back to cold. Hello! I need to Neti Pot this crap like every damn day. And now it's slightly warm again. I'm sick and tired of it. So, to make myself feel better, I'm presenting a Battle Royale today.

"Do Right Woman" is such an amazing tune. I'm presenting it in two very different ways today.

First, a version by the Flying Burrito Brothers. If you are not familiar with this band, I urge you to get there. They are pretty much country rock at its finest. Also, you might know this band because of the big cheese Gram Parsons, who was a member. Gram is a personal love of mine. Gram and his friend Chris Hillman were in another band, The Byrds, and took this sweet and apple pie country sound to the Burrito Bros. Their most well-known album, Gilded Palace of Sin, was released in 1969. This group just flat out rules. They constantly wore Nudie suits and probably did tons of drugs, but I'm ok with it. Speaking of Nudies, will someone get me a suit with llamas all over it? Christmas is just around the corner.

ANYWAYZ, "Do Right Woman" is featured on this album and is really one of my favorite tracks. I just love the way Gram sings this. The thing about this whole album is that even though it has a country twang, they also manage to sound soulful and gospel-y at the same time (at least I think so). So awesome. I want to do a slow country shuffle and then drink a brewskie with all my soulmates. That's tight.

Flying Burrito Brothers - Do Right Woman

Um, doy. I think we all know about this lady. Aretha is pure magic. I mean, she's the goddamn Queen of Soul. And I love to make Blingees out of her. BLINGEES!! As soon as I hit Publish Post, I am off to create some fantastic new Blingees to surprise you with.

This version rules. The background singers going "DO RIGHT DO RIGHT." Nothing is as good as that. I want to be one of her singers. No one can break it down like Miz Aretha. She has been consistenly pumping out good, solid soul for years and years. Unfortch, I don't have the entire version of this song to share with you, but this snippet should be enough to whet your appetite. If you want to get a lady in the sack, put this song on and open a can of Chef Boyardee and you are in biz big time. Take my word.

Aretha Franklin - Do Right Woman

Enjoy this supreme battle of doin' right by each other. Wherever you and whoever you are, remember to be a do right woman or do right man. And enjoy that Chef Boyardee, playas.

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