Tuesday, July 26, 2011

summer disco track

ANNA FACT: I am into some disco songs. I feel like they are the perfect background for a summer day around the house. For example, today I listened to the 45 I have of this song OVER AND OVER while I swept, dusted, and made iced coffee. Sound good? Well, join me in a little listen of this tight tune and we can be disco dynamos together today.

Can you handle this sweet groove? The singing duo of Bo and Ruth will take you to dance town. Bo Kirkland and Ruth Davis were both recording independently until they were put together by their label do an album. It was released in 1976 and this song was quite a smash. Unfortunately, the label folded shortly after that. I recommend this single but also looking for any Bo and Ruth that you can find.

FUN FACT: The B side of this 45 is a song called "Stay Out My Kitchen (If You Can't Stand The Heat)." Laugh out loud.

Monday, July 25, 2011

recent digging adventures

How fun is record shopping? You can always turn up something unexpected and that's why I like it. I found some recent gems at several stores in Austin during a busy day of digging. Please enjoy them!

The Wallace Brothers - I'll Step Aside/Hold My Hurt For A While

Young Southern soul coming at you! How cute are those guys? Apparently they were really teeny tiny when they recorded this. Like, 16 years old. I was wearing gross shorts that showed my ass, drinking Mocha Frappuccinos, and getting speeding tickets when I was 16, so these guys obviously knew what was fresh.

This single was released in 1965 on Sims and I have to say I fell for it immediately because of that sweet piano. Also the way the singer (not sure which "Brother" that is) pronounces "hurt." This song is a blanket that I can use during my sweet afternoon nap. So much good information about the Wallace Brothers can be found here.

Robert Parker - Barefootin'/Let's Go Baby (Where The Action Is)

CONFESSION: I already owned the 45 of "Barefootin'" and it's one of my personal faves. Love me some Nawlins soul. I also loved the B side but I hadn't listened to it as much. HUGE MISTAKE. This song is super tight. Also, can you even DEAL with that picture of Robert showing his bare foot to those ladies. I mean, seriously, you guys. The Internet giveth. These songs were released in 1966 on NOLA. As with most Robert Parker, it's sure to get you on the dance floor. His voice is incredibly smooth.

The Lamp Sisters - Sweet Daddy Soul/Today Will Be Yesterday Tomorrow

I'm having trouble finding information on this group. Although this single appears to be from 1969, released on Duke out of Houston. I'm so into this song. Who doesn't need a good oooohhh weeee to keep you going? The B side is also really pretty. I plan to use the title for my future Sci-Fi movie that I'm going to write.

If you find any Lamp Sisters data out there, send it my way, por favor.

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