Monday, August 31, 2009

animal perspectives

I really think this is interesting. So, the Museum of Animal Perspectives (M.A.P), which by the way, is a real place (I THINK), puts cameras on the backs of various animals. The end result is super tight footage of the animals going about their daily business. I love how these guys are mic'ed and really for live television.

I'm super into the armadillo camera footage because they look they are running at an incredible rate. Be sure to check out all the animals clips here because it really is cool to see things from this angle. There's one of a wolf being greeted by his fellow wolf friends and it's so tight to imagine all the other wolves being like, "HEY GIRL HEY GIRL." I also like that turkey's dumb ass.

Check out the armadillo one and notice how quickly he stops! Braking for animals.

This one makes me LOL because it proves what I knew about cows to be true. They just stand around and stare at each other. What a tight way to make a living!

Super tight scorpion footage! Take a ride on a scorpion because that will never happen in real life.

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Star Mangled Banner

Love the cop. Epic Michael Bolton fail.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stop Working & Calm Down

This is kind of precious. Normally I would be so frustrated watching this clip, but this cat is a gentle baller.


Friday, August 28, 2009

love minus zero/no limit

In my top five Dylan songs. See your Dylan issues (if you have any) at the door because this is super tight footage. Donovan is sitting right there just listening. I've never been at a party where a dude pulled out a guitar and sounded this good. Usually, the dudes end up playing stuff like Blind Melon or DMB and everyone awkwardly sings along because we don't know what else to do.

This is something I'd actually like to be a part of. How tight is this moment? Forever captured.

Here's a live version from the Rolling Thunder Revue tour.

the muppets do the beatles

Hello, two of my favorite things. Obvi, I have a Muppets love that will live forever. But who doesn't like the Beatles. This marriage is the best thing I've seen since Elizabeth Taylor shacked up with that truck driver. I was inspired by this post to include some of the Muppets/Beatles videos here. Some are quite heartfelt and serious. Oh, and DOY, these are all from the Muppet Show aka the greatest show with puppets I've ever known.

I really like this version of "Octopus' Garden" because I'm digging on the super cocky octopus on drums. What a nut! But seriously, how tight would an octopus be in a rock band? Take that guy on tour, asap. He could go for hours with all those arms. Also, Robin is a highly underrated Muppets character. He's cute as hell. But Miss Piggy singing back-up? Nuff said.

This cover of "Blackbird" is kinda bringing tears to my eyes right now. I really like it. Sgt. Floyd Pepper is rocking the vocals hard. I also like that he is playing this with Janice. Were they ever dating? I could never tell. OOPS FORGET THEY WEREN'T REAL KTHXBYE. Floyd also does a super tight version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."

something old i like #8: troll dolls

Look at those little turds. The dolls featured in that picture were everything to me in the early 1990s. I'm serious. I had a million Troll dolls. All kinds, too. I think at one point I even had a Dallas Cowboys one. My poor mother.

The thing about these little guys is that they were supposed to bring you "good luck." Well, all they brought me was scornful looks anytime someone entered my bedroom and a lifetime of regret. As I recall, they were not cheap. But that potbelly and colorful head of hair is like crack to me. Apparently, even Koko the gorilla can't fight the feeling.

I'm ragging on them hard right now, but I really do like these toys. They offer nothing but somehow were one of the biggest fads of my childhood. Like, at least you could style a Barbie. I could include a My Little Pony in some kind of role-play scenario. Fisher Price food was really good for my fake grocery store and restaurant. Look, I had a lot of alone time. What do Trolls do for us? They stare at you in the night. BUT I LOVE IT. I also need to let you know that at one point I have watched a VHS with singing trolls. I think one sang "Do Wa Ditty."

The point of this post (I swear there is one) is that Trolls made me happy when I was a kid with huge glasses. Before I knew of the coldness of life, I let a little plastic freak with orange hair and hollow eyes that looks too much like an Olsen twin (too mean?) bring me joy. Wish I could go there again. Now it takes tacos, two Advil, and a glass of medicine.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hold That Guitar Real Awkward Like

I was getting my treadmill on in the gym the other day when I realized why I love music videos from the 1980s: Awkward instrument playing. Videos during this decade rarely got more complex than putting the band in a room and getting them to play as if each musician is bound against their will.

Case Study #1

Case Study #2

Case Study #3

Let's be real, that last video deserves its own post. It starts out like a Benetton ad, then gets real awkward. That bro that just stands in the background and snaps is my favorite thing ever. I would hire him to stand behind me and dance while I complete my daily tasks, such as making sandwiches or licking stamps.

I'm looking for more awkward instrument playing videos. Perhaps a follow-up post is in order.

This post brought you by the member of the Go-Go's that should be played by Kristen Wiig at all times:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

light my fire

This song is really soothing me right now. Of course, you probably know the version done by the Doors. This cover of "Light My Fire" is still really right. I smell a song battle coming on.

Jose Feliciano is a super tight guitarist. He has quick fingers. DID I MENTION HE WAS BORN BLIND? This proves how little I have actually done with my life. It's like, I think I've done some stuff. I'll think about my job and life and be like, it's been pretty good. And then Jose is all SIKE on my thoughts because he's a wizard.

Jose released his version of this classic song in 1968 and the spicy Latin arrangement helped it on the charts. I believe this might be slowly winning over "Feliz Navidad" in my heart. And I never thought that would be possible.

airplane stewardesses

I am totally loving these pics of stewardesses from yesteryear. Yes, now we call them "flight attendants" and they casually bring me a Coke with ice because that's my favorite airplane drink for some reason. I can't get over their outfits here. They seem incredibly impractical to me, however glamorous they might appear. Knee high red boots? Dang. Tough ladies.

P.S. What the hell is Irazu Air?


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Monday, August 17, 2009


So, it's a slow news day. Don't look at me! The bottom line is, I'm back to work and it's sucking my soul already. It's only been one day! And the kids aren't even back yet. LORDY.

But I came home and I found this gem. Something about this video really speaks to me. Is this a prairie dog or a gopher screaming? Someone figure that out for me. That little dude is my favorite.

Apparently this is a preview from some talking animal show on the BBC, which shouldn't shock anyone. They have several other clips here. Some of it brings the stupid, but some of it contains serious cuteness.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

R.I.P. les paul

Rest in peace, you old devil. This guy. I saw his show in Manhattan a year ago and it was something I will always remember. Especially when he made jokes about his private areas. What a baller.

tight person of the day: washington phillips

I think it's safe to say that there is no one like Washington Phillips. When I first saw this picture, I thought he was holding the Ten Commandments. But then I realized those are two of his instruments that he might have played on his records. One's like a zither, sort of, I think. Autoharp's cousin? Tight. The other is supposedly some kind of phonoharp?

When I reading some stuff about Washington, I stumbled upon all these articles were people get really heated and fired up about what he actually played on his recordings. Some claim it was the zither thing, and still others think it was some kind of mini piano thing. I don't know about you, but it IS a pretty sweet image to think of Washington like Schroeder, all hunched over a tiny piano. ANYWAY.

Washington is a gospel singer that was born in Texas. Thank you. He recorded around sixteen songs in two years with bananas instruments. Can you believe these records were made in the late twenties? That blows my mind. Like, how can we still listen to it that on vinyl today and it sounds good? So tight. Something else that blows my mind: Washington was born in 1880! DANG. His voice is pretty recognizable and he was probably a leader in gospel recording. This song is really sweet. I like how you get to hear his speaking voice at the beginning. Also, can we discuss that scratchiness? I LOVE IT.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

tight person of the day: sol k. bright

I'm in a tropical mood today. It's my last week of teacher summer before heading back to the grind. I have had so many glorious weeks off. I have done absolutely nothing. Well, that's not totally true. I did drive myself into debt record shopping and manage to watch almost every episode of Golden Girls. ANYWAY, since I'm nearing the end of my summer, I'm doing everything I can to hold on to it. That includes putting on a lei and making some kind of pineapple drink and pretending I am in Hawaii. There is no better music for that daydream than Sol K. Bright.

Sol is a baller. He did a little bit of everything and has made Hawaii proud. He was a songwriter, singer, and band leader and was making a killing in Hawaii and even Japan. He was a big band type leader in the thirties! How crazy is that? He had a band called the Hollywaiians. I'm in love. Sol was also a super talented steel guitar player. I have been listening to the song "La Rosita" on repeat for a while now trying to capture summer in a bottle. I have also been listening to this one but the embedding is disabled. Time to get tropical.

If anyone knows more about Sol, I want to hear about it. I can't dig anything else up about him, really. I also would kill to have his stuff on vinyl.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Night

In honor of Saturday, let's get real with a little bit of Oliver Cheatham.

I got this song from Discovered, a compilation album of songs that Daft Punk has supposedly sampled. Get Down Saturday Night was the inspiration for Voyager, and I think you can definitely hear it in there somewhere.

Oliver Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night

Friday, August 7, 2009

I would punch in a window for even a good mp3 of this song, though vinyl would obviously be the ultimate.

I was hoping that Beat Electric had posted In the Grooves, but I don't think they have. This song makes me want to get on a dance floor in a bad way. I would Soul Train the hell out of it.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bobby McFerrin Slapstick

luv u.

is this tight: round 3 radio time

I will be back on the radio this Friday, August 7, from 7pm-8pm central time. D.J.J.G. has invited me back one last time for his second to last show of the Psychedelic Boogaloo! Dry your tears and tune in! I am currently picking out music that I will be taking and also perfecting so lame stories to tell. Here is a picture of me listening to the show just last week. It's really that cool!

You can listen online so no excuses KTHX.

rocket man

This has taken me way too long to post. I'm into this for several reasons, one of which does include Bernie Taupin's sunglasses. Who wears shades inside during an awards show? Only tight lyricists.

This is a video of William Shatner's interpretation of "Rocket Man," the classic Elton John song we all know and love. It almost doesn't seem real, because it's honestly too good to be true. I can't handle his cigarette smoking, or the way he says HIGH. Someone turned up the intense meter. Just wait until there are two Shats on the screen. And then three. Breaking news: This was not meant to be watched sober. Enjoy!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

She Wolf

I never thought I would utter this sentence, but Shakira's new single is kind of amazing. Her new album was produced by Pharrell and apparently, he introduced her to the likes of Crystal Castles and Glass Candy. This song has disco guitar, violin, and a dance beat, all the essentials for dancing. For what it is, I'm slightly impressed.

Plus, the Spanish version is called 'Loba,' which is kind of tight.

While this may not be your thing, this is still good new for female pop music. You just can't make C grade Britney Spears stuff and get by as well. While I have little patience for Lady GaGa, her music has stepped up the lady pop genre, pulling it out of the grave that was dug by the late 1990s.

Download the song via Synthetic Rocks

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lady In Red is Making Me Want 2 Binge Eat

If you ever want to hypnotize me to become your highly skilled assassin to command at will, just play this video. I can't stop watching it. I've been looking at vintage beauty pageant footage for the past 2 hours and can't get over how goofy they were back then. It was a wonderful time, before fake racks and fake tans.

And let's get real. No man in that video prefers the female gender. Except for maybe this guy:

Worst/Best Song Ever?