Sunday, February 14, 2010

another reason to love billy preston

I'm dying inside. Please look at this video of Billy Preston and Nat King Cole. BILLY IS 11 YEARS OLD. What is going on? I am obsessed with this video. I watch it about four times a week so I figured it was time to post it on the blog bloggy blog. Can you see the baller he was destined to become? Also, how awesome is Nat in this? This should be required viewing before you can graduate from high school.

happy valentine's day 2k10!

A new year, a new chance to be miserable on Valentine's Day. Kidding! Today is just another day but if you have a sweetie pie make sure you load tons of mediocre chocolate and giant balloons on him/her. FOR ME. I would settle for eating those pancakes.

I hope everyone has a great day and I'm going to leave you to your fancy dinner eating and cuddle time with this great song performed by the always lovely Dusty Springfield. Dusty was a little ol' British girl who wanted to sing soul! She knew she had the voice for it, so she made an album in America to show her cred. It paid off, because guess what? That's the album featuring "Son of a Preacher Man." Everyone knows the words to that one! Also, she has great hair.

Dusty was essential in the "white soul" movement, as they say. She was often the only white person on all black soul bills in the sixties. Her voice is distinctive and absolutely soulful and I really like listening to some of Dusty's stuff. Enjoy some Dusty today, on this day of love, and just remember that your love has lifted me higher, blog friends. Love u. xx

Dusty Springfield - (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher

dancing senior citizens love michael jackson

This video is a tad long and at times a struggle to get through, but it's definitely worth it to peep these dancing senior citizens. Please make a pact with me on here that all you bros will be dancing like this well into your golden years. These guys are so tight. I can't handle their short pants. Attention to detail, y'allz.

tight image of the day

daily LOLcat hilarity

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

two giants meeting

There are really no words to describe how powerful this video is for me. It should be for you, too, once you watch it. I mean, really.

Louis Armstrong and Johnny Cash just sitting around and playing some tunes. Can I time travel to this moment and bring the scotch? I'm dying inside. This clip comes from Johnny Cash's television show in 1970. They have a sweet convo about Jimmie Rodgers, the country artist. He is also a personal fave of mine.

In 1930, Louis Armstrong played on Jimmie's recording of his song "Blue Yodel No. 9." The Blue Yodel songs were Jimmie's classic blues numbers. I mean, Louie and Jimmie together is way tight. Anyway, FORTY years later Louis pops up on Johnny's show to play No. 9 with Cash. This is the best thing in my life. These two big voices together in one clip is almost too much for me to handle.

Author's Note: How cute is Louis? I'm about to just give up on life because he is so damn adorable. LET'S GIVE IT TO EM IN BLACK AND WHITE. Jesus H. Please watch all the way through because it will be the best five minutes of your life.

the dog that smiles

Check out this super tight dog. Last night I watched this baller over and over again. First of all, this is a super cute dawg and you know I love the pooches. Then, on top of the cuteness, she has a heart full of LUV. Look how happy she is to see her owner and go for walk. Her eyes get all squinty-like. It's a serious grin and I'm into it. If someone told me I could longer watch this video, then I would say we were no longer friends.

recipe from 1917

Does this seem kind of weird/maybe a little gross to anyone else? I'm just saying.

gifts from the internet, part 876

One of the reasons I love the interweb is for all the useless stuff that floats around that I can melt with brain with after a long day at work. I mean, like I really LOVE IT. It's why I can barely get things done or get anywhere on time. I like to read the news and I really like to catch up on the latest music reviews, etc, but there is nothing like a good meaningless blog or a stupid video to make me whole again.

Having said that, please enjoy one of the latest and greatest things I have ever seen. Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. Featuring the stunning stache and presence of one Mr. Tom Selleck, a waterfall of some kind, and a delicious sub.

Be sure to get a peek at Tom with the panini!

Also, please enjoy a cat dressed as a businessman. The best way to spend your time, I promise you, is watching this cat. Just put this on a loop when you are feeling sad. HE'S GIVING A DAMN POWER POINT PRESENTATION.

wallet time capsule

This is tight. This cable guy was working in a crawl space and he stumbled upon an old wallet. Upon investigating, he realized the wallet belonged to a plumber who was carrying it circa 1963. How baller is this? What a great find. I won't spoil what's in the wallet for you - but just rest assured that this guy was practicing safety in many areas of his life.

tight image of the day

daily LOLcat hilarity