Saturday, January 31, 2009

Could This Be Any Sleepier/Intriguing?

Someone left a camera on at this line dance brunch and i have never been more intrigued in my life. I mean, I am seriously mesmerized and need a witness.

Is it the people walking in front of the camera with plates of bbq? is it the sax muzac? is is the '90's fashion? I don't know what it is, but it's awes.


I know it could be disqualified because of its use in Grease, but this is one of the greatest songs of all time. The reason I love it is because it sounds like Little Anthony is singing to you from the other side of the gymnasium.

The reason YouTube should get the Nobel Peace Prize, this performance of Hurts So Bad. Love u internets.

Love this Soul Train clip because it looks like the dancers are grooving to some other song.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I have been holding off on writing about this for a while. Mostly because I've been so OBSESSED WITH MAKING THEM. This is one of my favorite websites of all time. I discovered it through one of my favorite blogs, the Best Week Ever blog. Over there, they make Blingees all the time. I think it really started to affect my life after Aretha Franklin wore that totally nuts inauguration hat that had the entire country shitting. I'm really super pissed that Halloween is over, because I would have my costume in the bag.

Anyway, making a Blingee will get your heart pumping faster and will tickle your brain! You need a picture with a pretty good close-up of a face. Then you go apeshit adding bling aka putting glitter and hats and sunglasses and even TOILET PAPER ROLLS all over the picture. Make one of your mama for Mother's Day. I just know she will love seeing herself look like a total princess!! LOL. The possibilities are literally endless. There's even a pair of Kanye shutter shades for extreme picture pimping. I love this so much. Check out one of my latest creations. THE BALLER GETS BLINGEE'D. Love u so much Obama.

so tight

tight person of the day: eddie floyd

I know it's hard to see Eddie Floyd's face here but I don't really care because just look at this picture! LOLZ. He is in the most perfect stance I have ever seen and then he is holding an AX. What the hell is going on? I love this so much. I want to do some bridal portraits like this someday. Also, this brings up a super important question. Is it ax or axe? I know one is for the chopping of wood and one is for shredding my face with guitar. This is troubling me.

Eddie is a Stax recording artist and achieves baller status for many more reasons than just that amazing photo. In 1965, Eddie started working at Stax writing songs. He started recording and came up with a song that he thought could potentially be a single for Otis Redding. Well, guess what? It became one of his biggest hits. "Knock on Wood" went straight to Numba 1. Also, a Lady Longhorns basketball game at UT would not be complete without the Horn Band playing "Knock on Wood" and deafening me slightly with the tight horns. (I went to a lot of these as a kid/through some college. I was a Short Horn. I cleaned up basketball player sweat and I'm proud of it to this day. Haters to da left.) This song is so tight! What a classic. In the middle of all this success, Eddie kept on writing and had massive hits with most of his songs. Hello! This is a dream scenario. Famous as a recording artist AND songwriter? Yes, please.

The song I am sharing with you today was co-written by Eddie and is such a sweet little gemjam. I want to have you all over for a sweet night by the fire, chatting and enjoying a cocktail that I will force someone else to make me. Oh, I know, I will make something out of wood. I will whittle it myself. I want to honor Eddie in the picture above. Eddie is still out there recording and being a baller and he just released an album in July of 2008. How tight is that? Songs like this one just make you feel good and warm and complete inside. And we all need that sometimes.

Eddie Floyd - I've Never Found A Girl (To Love Me Like You Do)

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Monday, January 26, 2009

tight person of the day: jackie mittoo

Basically, one of the main reasons I'm really sad I quit my piano lessons is because I can't just start jamming on an organ somewhere. I know you are probably thinking: Why don't you just go learn? Well, as long as my computer works and I have the internets I probably won't do anything productive with my life. Instead, I have to turn to great keyboard talents to keep my urges satisfied.

Therefore, I want to introduce you to Jackie Mittoo today. Jackie was from Jamaica and a really great keyboard/organ player. He was a member of The Skatalites, a super tight group. Jackie was also a songwriter and wrote "I'm Still in Love With You" by Alton Ellis. Coming full circle! This song I'm sharing today is just pure relaxation. Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner. I mean, January is almost ovah! I simply cannot wait to sit outside with my medicine and listen to this. I want you all over for a barbecue - vegetarians included, of course!

In the next few dreary cold days, let Jackie take you away.

Jackie Mittoo - King Girls

long live stains!

I really have no words to describe what you are about to see. Basically, Stains the dog just wants to eat. But his owners are angry. I guess he's eating their human food and they are TICKED. They hire a trainer to help with this horrible, horrible problem and somewhere along the way Stains (best dog name ever) learns how to make his eyes look EXACTLY LIKE A HUMAN'S. It's beyond nuts how he can resist those cupcakes because I can't resist a Butterfinger mini that is beyond two weeks old and looks like it might have been run over a few times (this didn't really happen to me). Also, the creepy music in the background totally hypnotizes me.

I don't know how to explain why I love this video so much. Maybe it's the love I feel for Stains and his crappy situation. Maybe it's the love I feel for his amazing moniker. Maybe it's the love I feel for the way his eyes can see into my soul. Regardless, you will fall in love with Stains, too. Take a look. Bonus: this video ends with Spaghetti Cat. Don't know why, but go with it.

successful party down the drain

Well, my 25th has come and gone. I've been 25 almost as long as Obama has been prez. Tight. So far, 25 feels pretty good. It's strange to know that I'm right in the middle between 20 and 30. Oprah always says it gets really good in your 30s, so I'm ok with things heading that way. Anyway, enough about me, let me talk some more about me!

Our birthday party was a success. I know I had a blast and I hope all readers that attended did as well. I was reminded never to hang streamers for any party ever again. I think I will find pieces of streamer in this house when I move out. I want to give a giant shout out to the fellow birthday gal Les, who did a great job rocking those glasses while I drank out of my wine glasses ALL NIGHT. Also, big shout out to Chaps for providing a cookie cake ordered all the way from the East Coast, y'all. Look at that sonuva! The horse is a bit fem.

And finally, please enjoy this video of the greatest gift of all time - the wine spectacles. This may not be on the internet that long, so get it while it's hot.

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Friday, January 23, 2009


Here, I present to you the tightest picture ever taken. Me with a llama. This is probably around 1989ish. I love my outfit. That llama does not give an f at all. He will barely look at the camera. He just really can't be bothered. Sweet saddle though. I honestly don't remember anything about this photo/why I look super concerned but I need to recreate this moment PRONTO. I don't know about you, but this also looks super unsafe to me. I mean, I'm separated from that sonuva by a tiny chain! That llama could storm at any moment. Fortch, he didn't and kept it cool.

If you are wondering why this post was even made, it's because of my massive obsession with the horse/camel hybrid known as the llama. LLAMAZ 4EVAH. $$$

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Reverend of Cool

For anyone who didn't watch the inauguration footage, you have to check out the benediction given by Reverend Joseph Lowry. He is known for leading the Selma to Montgomery march, and will henceforth be even more of a badass.

If you don't want to listen to the full 5 minutes, at least go to the 4:30 minute mark. His closing remarks are top notch.

Can I get an AMEN?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

there you have it!

Today was a big day. A historical day. I finally tried the cafeteria chicken tenders. Sike! Like, duh, I'm totally talking about Obama's big moment. I love this guy so I'm ready for a good four (maybe eight) years. It was a trip watching the inauguration with a classroom of kids because they understand that's it really super tight, but I don't think they quite grasp the magnitude. However, I know they will remember watching this one day and I'm happy about that. Watching Obama sign off on his speech and hearing the kids erupt into applause is enough to make the blackest of hearts melt. Also, his name rhymes with LLAMA and I'm into that.

There was one thing about this day that I really need to share with you. It was my sister, Aretha Franklin. Homegirl looking crazy! I mean, Aretha can do whatever she wants. But stop bogarting camera time with that hat, gurl!

I have a lot of music that makes me happy and excited for this year and even makes me think of Obama, but I will leave you with a little ditty today. And by little, I mean it's about one minute long. Worth the minute. Maybe I'm on a high from this day, or I'm just not totally encrusted with bitterness yet, but I think good things can still happen. Maybe we can change the world, sometimes.

Graham Nash - We Can Change The World

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Monday, January 19, 2009

This brought back some memories...

So, I'm sure most of you have already seen this video as it's making the rounds across the interwebz, but if you haven't it's pure brill. This brought back some pretty tight memories of high school and how much of a joke things were at times. I could easily see some of my friends and I re-enacting something like this. Oh, and for a good time, ask me about the multiple BAND FORMALS I attended in high school. Also, this is a real show people. Set your DVRs and Tivos for this hard-hitting no nonsense look at how high school really is.

Everyone grab someone close and dance arm-length apart tonight in honor of past memories and this video.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

tight people of the day: velvet underground

The best class I took at The University of Texas was called History of Rock and Roll. I've probably mentioned it before. It had a huge impact on my life. The professor opened my eyes to new ways of listening and analyzing music. We listened to quite a bit of the Velvet Underground in this class. During that semester, I spent some gift money on Loaded, a Velvet Underground album. For some reason, I resisted this band at first. I had issues with the sound or something. Now I have come around.

Some would probably say that this band helped lay the ground work for punk. Perhaps that is true. Basically, what I would say is this band lays the ground work for me driving around town with a Shasta and a sunny attitude. I really like to listen to them in my car, and I don't know if that was the intention forty years ago, but I don't give a rat's ass! The Velvet Underground was founded by Lou Reed and John Cale and was huge in New York City during the mid-to-late sixties. Andy Warhol was their manager at one time and suggested the infamous collaboration with Nico. Nico is nuts! She has a crazy, deep voice.

Loaded has some of the best known VU songs. I chose "Sweet Jane" because of all the stink Lou Reed made about it when he quit the band in 1970. Supposedly, there was an extra verse left out on the final album cut and he was ticked! Who knows if he really knew about this or not. He's Lou Reed. He can pretty much do whatever.

I thought to blog about this band because I started drinking a Coke because I was really craving it. I never drink Cokes! But I really wanted it. This is sort of how I feel about the Velvet Underground. It's not music I listen to 24/7 like soul, but I really want it sometimes and it satisfies my urges. Also, it's fun to substitute your name instead of Jane when singing along to this song. Not that I know anything about that.

Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane

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martha reeves and the vandellas - heatwave

I would pretty much be fine with hearing this song every day.

Friday, January 16, 2009

it only takes a moment

Just allow me this. Hello, Dolly! is such a tight movie. But this scene brings me to the valley of tears. Some of this scene was featured in Wall-E and that makes me want to cry again just thinking about it. Sometimes when things are hard, I turn to musicals. Don't hate! I've had a rough week so I want to share this with you and remember: it only takes a moment to be loved.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm Barely Hangin' On, Y'all

If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, one of the best things you can do for yourself is turn on the TV and look for one of many Motown Collection infomercials. The other night I was watching one and was reminded of the great classic by Diana Ross & The Supremes, You Keep Me Hangin' On. There's something about the funk guitar line that kills me. There's no reason to argue against The Supremes version of the song (and I ain't gonna try) but there are several other versions that are worth a listen.

Each song in the Is This Tight?: You Keep Me Hangin' On collection has something to stimulate your ears. Hugh Masekela, better known for the tune Grazing In the Grass, recorded a subtle, slow version in the vein of Richie Havens. Kim Wilde's version from the '80's has something for all you keytar solo enthusiasts. And of course Aretha's version is beyond incredible, trading an electric guitar for a dirty acoustic with a slide.

For the first time, Is This Tight? is toying with an embedded flash player in addition to our usual .zip download. It's a work in progress folks.

1. Diana Ross & The Supremes - You Keep Me Hangin' On
2. Vanilla Fudge - You Keep Me Hangin' On
3. Aretha Franklin - You Keep Me Hangin' On (This Girl's In Love With You/Spirit In the Dark Outtake)
4. Hugh Masekela - You Keep Me Hangin' On
5. Wilson Pickett - You Keep Me Hangin' On
6. Rod Stewart - You Keep Me Hangin' On
7. Kim Wilde - You Keep Me Hangin' On

Is This Tight? Collection You Keep Me Hangin' On

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So let's get this straight. When women are photographed, they are airbrushed until there's nothing left. Boobs are lifted, mouths are tweaked, stomachs flattened.

So tell me iTunes, why couldn't you take some time to tone down the yeti farm growing on guy #4's arm? In fact, I have no idea what else is in the photo because that man fur is so prominent.

Monday, January 12, 2009

marvin gaye - what's going on/what's happening brother

I'm still in the Motown birthday spirit right now, so I want to share this video. I know I blog about Marvin all the time and it's probably super annoying, BUT I DON'T REALLY GIVE AN F. Marvin is the most amazing artist of all time. There, I said it. I wouldn't be complete without What's Going On, which I would argue is probably the best album of all time. I also cannot even handle that picture of Marvin in his glasses. That could be from 2007, y'allz. Love you, Marv. Isn't it weird how these songs still mean something important today? I mean, he could've just made this album. I'm in love.

This video is bringing some tears for me. I love Marv sitting behind the piano just singing and smiling away. Man! I should not have had all that wine. Now I'm going to curl in a ball and rock myself to sleep while slowing whispering the lyrics to "Sexual Healing."

happy birthday, motown!

Motown Records turns 50 years young today. This is the greatest. Can you believe 50 years ago today Berry Gordy founded this label that would literally CHANGE THE WORLD? It's so great. I had a wine flight to celebrate. You know how mama loves her cab sav.

Here's the deal: everyone knows those massive Motown hits. They are timeless and amazing. In 1959, Berry Gordy (look at that suave SOB above) got a loan from his family. Somehow, they managed to scrape together $800 for lil Berry and he started Tamla Records. He had big dreams. Berry had already worked with and discovered Smokey Robinson's group The Miracles, so he started writing songs and building up his label with more artists. Eventually, Tamla turned into Motown and soon tons of baby hits were born. Berry was instrumental in promoting African American artists. He got people listening to the good stuff. He definitely knew what he was doing, because he also had a pretty strong hold on the public image of all his artists. None of this Motown folks from that time would be caught in Us Weekly, if you get my drift. Also, look at that totally baller garage that Berry Gordy used to CRANK OUT THE HITS. That is so tight.

The list would be eighteen miles long of all the amazing acts and hits from Motown. I've blogged about many of them, and they all mean so much to me. It's time to get real and let the magic of Motown wash over you. The true definition of soul.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sleepy Times In A White Suit

Has anyone actually watched the video of Minnie Riperton singing Loving You? Because the guy sitting on the floor and playing the guitar really wants you to.

tight people of the day: the contours

So, this coming Monday is the 50th birthday of Motown Records. Holla! I will be eating a slice of cake to celebrate Berry Gordy and the empire he built. The sound of Motown has truly changed my life and increased my amounts of happiness on a daily basis. In honor of that coming birthday celebration, I want to feature a classic Motown band today, The Contours.

When I listen to The Contours, and especially their biggest hit "Do You Love Me," I just want to do the Twist all over the place. I start to think I can really dance when I hear this song. I want this played at my wedding as my husband and I run out and high five everyone, right after they announce Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Gosling. Just kidding! But seriously, this song is pure fun. Everyone loves this song. If it doesn't get your toe tapping or just your shoulder slightly moving, I'm afraid you might be dead inside to the joys of life. This song is also really tight because it gets really quiet AND THEN COMES BACK. At parties I'm the asshole that screams, "IT'S NOT OVER YET!" and ruins it for everyone. Sorry about that. This tune also features some super awesome song talking, which makes my world go round and round. Who doesn't love a sweet little talking intro? Also, how much is the lead singer shouting in this song? So tight.

The Contours were one of the very first soul groups signed to Motown. Berry Gordy was a bit skeptical of them at first. But in one of his finer bidness moves, he had them record "Do You Love Me" in 1962 and the rest is history. This song was originally intended for The Temptations! Good thing The Contours got their paws on it. Amazingly, it only went to #2 on the charts. Good thing it went to #1 IN MY HEART.

"Do You Love Me" had a bit of comeback when it was featured in Dirty Dancing in 1988. Crazy for Swayze. It charted again thanks to the movie. Several members of the group are still performing today and playing Contours songs. For the record, I would love you even if you couldn't dance.

The Contours - Do You Love Me

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Daryl Hall + Chromeo = The Smoothest Thing You've Tasted

Please tell me how good this cover of Lowdown is. Also, how cocky is Hall at the beginning when he does that Boz Skaggs namedrop??

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

swan records

Get down on this! This is a nice little toe-tapper by a sweet soul singer named Eddie Carlton. I just discovered this song the other day when I was grading papers. I always put my iTunes on the Classic Soul Network radio station when I'm just working in the classroom, and I sometimes find gems like this one. Super tight. This is some classic soul right here. A poor chum crying about losing his baby! Loves it.

Eddie recorded on Swan Records. This was a tiny label based in Philly. Get this: they were the first to release "She Loves You" by the Beatles via their manager Brian Epstein in 1964. Of course, that song went nowhere. Kidding! It shot to #1 and Swan was able to stay afloat (GET IT?) through the British craze of the sixties. They kept recording soul artists during this period, but finally had to shut down in 1967. All you need to really know is that one of the more successful Swan artists was a band called Dickie Doo and the Don'ts, pictured above. Oh lawd! So perfecto.

Eddie Carlton - Misery

Stupidity 4 Sale

I took this photo with my phone in a home goods store on the Upper West Side today. I kept asking, but no one in the store could tell me where to find the smart sofas. Um, fail?


When you are single for a long time, people always say "When you meet him, you will just know and it will happen when you least expect it." It's super frustrating. But guess what, Planet Earth? It happened for me today. I found someone I want to spend all my hours with. And the crazy thing is, it's not a someone at all. IT'S A WEBSITE.

This is a place where I can kill some serious time. This newfound fountain of happiness is called Obamicon, and you can upload pictures and essentially make an Obama poster with yourself in it. That poster was everywhere for a while, and here is an exciting opportunity to waste time and make yourself laugh. PRICELESS. Check out the ones I've already made. I'm really proud of myself. Now I can officially say I have two boyfriends: iTunes and Obamicon.

Go try it and then I want to see all the ones you make! How tight?

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Praisin' Camille

The two trax included in this download are from Camille Yarbrough's album Iron Pot Cooker (1975). Some of you might be familiar with her song Take Yo' Praise, as it was sampled by Fatboy Slim in 1998. But who remembers him anyway? The other song, Ain't It A Lonely Feeling is enuff to make you weep. Whoever mixed her vocals deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

The rest of Iron Pot Cooker is really bizarre because it is based on Camille's one woman show. It's still recommended if you need some spoken-word insanity in your home.

Camille Yarbrough
1. Ain't It A Lonely Feeling
2. Take Yo' Praise

P.S. Are those earring or milkshake straws?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

tight person of the day: glen campbell

The first time I heard "Wichita Lineman" sung by Glen Campbell, I burst into tears. DON'T JUDGE ME. I have listened to this song through intense periods in my life, like waiting for that Forever 21 dress I really wanted to go on sale. Sike. Seriously, this song has been there for me. Glen Campbell has been there for me.

Glen is a country artist who dabbled in pop. He is super tight and out of control! I love Glen's other hit "By the Time I Get to Phoenix" as well. You might be more familiar with his massive hit "Rhinestone Cowboy" which should be sung before every baseball game in the U.S. of A. I feel like people sometimes pour haterade on Glen Campbell, but I respect him. Glen has made over 70 albums. Dang! I made over 70 bad eating choices in the last month. I've done nothing with my life, obvi. Glen started his career as a session musician, peforming on various albums with gangsters like Leon Russell. He can be heard on many of Phil Spector's most famous recordings from the sixties. He even played guitar on "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" by The Righteous Brothers! Remember that the next time you are forced to sit through Top Gun and maybe you can find some relief.

In 1968, Glen recorded a ditty by Jimmy Webb that would change his life and MINE. "Wichita Lineman" is so peanut butter smooth and some of the lyrics make me want to end it all. How tight is this line: "I need you more than want you/And I want you for all time." Now that's some seriousness. I would immediately marry any guy that whispered that to me. But we would definitely have to be in front of a bar and maybe kinda drunk. Kidding! I hope you light a candle tonight and think about your SO (significant other) while this strums softly in the background. If you don't have an SO, just think about your favorite sandwich.

Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman

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Two-Piece Pantsuit Extravaganza

This has to happen.

Jennifer Aniston - Country Roses

P.S. Sorry guys, got to go get my 2-piece pantsuit from the dry cleaner. Don't know why I'm making fun of this... I'm sure my mom owned one.

Monday, January 5, 2009

tight person of the day: edwin starr

LISTEN UP, HUMANITY. I have a problem. My television remote just died. I even changed the batteries and nothing happened. Look, I can barely figure out how to change the toilet paper roll much less reprogram a remote. The thing is, I got really frustrated and decided to let my boyfriend, iTunes, handle the situation. Guess what it picked out for me first? The total badass shown above. I knew I had to take this sign and run with it.

Edwin Starr is a soul singer and also a pro at posing in front of American flags. These colors don't run, y'allz. Edwin was born Charles Edwin Hatcher and I don't think that's a bad last name he had going originally. I see the positive upgrade that happened with "Starr" as a stage name, though. Took it to another level. I am sharing with you his first Motown hit from 1965 today. It was released due to a James Bond popularity thing that was happening at the time. Agent Double-O-Soul! Get it? I'm so into this song title. Dang, I wish I had written this song all those years ago. Brills.

Edwin worked quite a bit with the genius Norman Whitfield, who helped create that unique Motown sound we all know and love. You might be familiar with Edwin from his super popular song "War" from 1970. This anti-Vietnam song has some of the best grunting I've ever heard in a song. Edwin claims it was recorded in one take, which makes me want to marry him even more. Edwin continued recording and had some mild disco hits. Everyone dabbled in disco in those days, but that ain't wrong! He went to the great gig in the sky in 2003. Too soon.

As a bonus, I'm including a video of my personal savior, Billy Preston, singing and dancing to this song accompanied by some joker named Ray Charles on piano. These dance moves probably deserve their own post, but I have bad television to watch and I have a lot of manual channel-changing to do.

Edwin Starr - Agent Double-O-Soul

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Song Evolution, Fake Maraca City

In the early 1980's, Rick Rubin, the cofounder of Def-Jam Records, said that AC/DC and The Monkees were his greatest inspiration. He later went on to meld the newborn hip hop with rock, pioneering one of the last final frontiers in music. At least for now.

I've been looking at clips of the Monkees, and let's be real; These guys are assclowns. It is clear that they have no clue what they are doing, save for Davy Jones who is breaking the biggest sweat I've seen with THREE pairs of maracas.

It's amazing how that 1980's footage of Run-DMC looks worse than the 1960's Monkees footage.

The real question: Is Davy shaking those maracas or are those maracas shaking him?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

tight people of the day: sam and dave

I like duos. Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. David Crosby and Graham Nash. Me and a jar of peanut butter. But as far as duos go, it really doesn't get any better than these two ballers right here. Sam and Dave. Extreme soul and rhythm all the way. I would give anything to time travel and see these guys live, because apparently their performances were quite legendary aka leaving ginormous puddles of sweat on the stage. Dang!

These guys recorded some of the biggest hits Stax had in the sixties, including "Soul Man" and "I Thank You." They are truly hit making machines. Mostly because they know the definition of wailing into a microphone so hard that I almost have an h attack while driving (true story). Sam had the higher voice and Dave sang the lower parts on these massive hit songs. Everyone knows these songs. I want to be in a horn section just to play on these songs. They were definitely made more popular (or maybe more well-known to some white folks) by the Blues Brothers, who took "Soul Man" and made it their own. The Blues Brothers are ballers, too! They brought much needed attention BACK to true soul.

Throughout the seventies, their singing partnership became strained, and their last performance was New Year's Eve 1981. They walked off the stage after the show and never spoke again. So crazy! However, we have these amazing tunes to help us relive all the magic. I can't even lie to you, I chose to share this song with you today because of the story behind it. Supposedly, one of the songwriters was in the bathroom and his songwriting partner yelled to him to come out so they could finish composing for the day. He yelled back, "Hold on a minute, I'm coming!" and then they wrote the song in minutes. Hello! That is hilarious. I always thought this song had a deeper, more sexual meaning but maybe I'm just disgusting.

Enjoy a little Sam & Dave today and maybe put on your dancing shoes. I know you will be satisfied.

Sam & Dave - Hold On, I'm Comin'

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

200FINE in full effect, y'all!

I hope 2009 is going your way so far. I know the first few minutes of mine were pretty spectac. I was sweating my ass off dancing to "Get Down on It" and that really can't be topped. You know how I do! Yes, I'm referring to the concert of a lifetime at Madison Square Garden. My Morning Jacket totally destroyed the place and my face. They also left an imprint on my heart. Watching all those balloons drop on a crowd that CHOSE to spend that night with the band was so amazing. Also, that picture was taken without zoom. I WAS REALLY THAT CLOSE.

I will miss New York and hanging with all those sweet friends, new and old. I will not miss the snow and losing circulation in my toes just walking to the subway stop. But alas! It was wonderful. As Shelby would say in Steel Magnolias, "I would rather have a few minutes of wonderful, than a lifetime of nothing special." Are you gagging yet?

I will be back in full effect soon with Tight People of the Day and all that jazz. I have some new music I'm excited to share with you all in this great year but I seriously needed some sleepy times today. Here are a few things I would like to accomplish this year:

1. Keep blogging and being amazed at how many people actually read this.
2. Record an album completely in Spanish.
3. Listen to soul music. (This shouldn't be hard.)
4. Rent an RV and drive somewhere in it with friends (serious dream come true).
5. Let go and let God.

And we're off into 200FINE. Keep it tight.

Bob Dylan - Blue Moon

Blue Moons

As a kid, I thought Blue Moon by The Marcels was a funny song, but I never cared for it too much. Then I heard Elvis Presley's version and it was love at first listen. His rendition is beautifully understated, and it reminds me of the slow clip-clop of a cantering horse.

Truth is, Blue Moon has a long history and has been recorded by hundreds of musicians. According to The People's History of Everything, Blue Moon began in 1933 when MGM commissioned Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart to write a song for a film. It took two years and plenty of rewrites for the song to materialize into the popular standard as we know it.

I've only recently realized that the lyrics are quite sad. While Elvis made my favorite version (with Ahmad Jamal and Sam Cooke closely following), I'm sure there's one for you.

Is This Tight? Blue Moon Compilation (.zip)

1. Blue Moon - Ahmad Jamal
2. Blue Moon - Billie Holliday
3. Blue Moon - Elvis Presley
4. Blue Moon - Louis Armstrong
5. Blue Moon - The Marcels
6. Blue Moon - Oscar Peterson
7. Blue Moon - Sam Cooke
8. Blue Moon - The Ventures