Monday, September 28, 2009

maybe so, maybe no

There's been a lot of buzz surrounding this guy Mayer Hawthorne lately. I've been watching his video for his song "Maybe So, Maybe No" quite a bit in recent days. Well, I have a special treat for you. I like Mayer's version and he will be in Austin soon so I can judge him in person. BUT the original of this song is so, so tight. Get ready.

The original is by a super tight band from Detroit called The Holidays.

What's crazy is that apparently there were like 50 versions of this band. A version with certain members formed off to the side and called themselves The New Holidays. This is the group that actually recorded "Maybe So, Maybe No." They released this song on Soul Hawk records in 1969. How tight is this song? I'm so glad I know about it now.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

baby don't you do it: battle royale


This battle isn't even fair. It really doesn't get any better than Marvin Gaye or The Band. I mean, come on.

In 1964, the ultimate baller of all time known as Marvin Gaye recorded "Baby Don't You Do It" for Tamla (Motown). This is a classic HDH (Holland-Dozier-Holland) sound. This song wasn't a huge charter (I mean, it was #27 but it will be #1 in my heart always) but it has been covered several times.

Obvi, Marvin is the most amazing man and perhaps one of the best soul singers EVER. He just had it. He had an amazing vocal range. He had tons of hits and is in my top 5 performers/artists. I love everything about Marvin. "Sexual Healing" is a choice karaoke song. What's Going On is my favorite album ever and is probably the best album of all time. I'm just being real. ANYWAY, enough gushing. Check out Marvin's great tune.

Marvin Gaye - Baby Don't You Do It

Then this happened. The Band recorded their own version of "Baby Don't You Do It" called simply "Don't Do It." It's featured on their album Rock of Ages, and also in that movie some guy with crazy eyebrows directed called The Last Waltz.

The Band started as the backing band, the Hawks, for fantastic person/total nutjob Ronnie Hawkins in the late fifties/early sixties. Levon was at the HELM (HAW HAW HAW) for most of the ride after they left Ronnie, and for a while they played as Levon and the Hawks. They were totally well-rounded with super tight musicianship. Bob Dylan recruited the ballers for his tour in 1965 and soon they were playing with him constantly and making the recordings that became The Basement Tapes. They released their first album as THE BAND in 1968, followed by many more and some fantastic songs. They performed their final concert, which was made into a movie, in 1976.

The Band's sound is really difficult for me to pin down. Also, if I talk about them too much I will literally start weeping. They are very important to me. They had country elements but also a super soulful rhythm section. I can't even handle it. All the dudes could play different instruments and they had that amazing vocal layering with Rick, Richard, and Levon all taking on the singing role. NOTE: You should definitely read Levon's book This Wheel's on Fire for amazing insight into the band. I'm re-reading it right now and it's been bad because I can't put it down and I end up going to bed at midnight.

The Band played "Don't Do It" as the encore of their final show during the taping of The Last Waltz. Check out their version.

The Band - Don't Do It

So, needless to say, both versions are awesome. This is what I always end up doing with these Battle Royale posts. I start out with a good idea and then I can't choose because both artists own my world.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

rip patrick swayze

2k9 has really been bringing it lately, and not in a good way.

I want to give some love to Swayze. I love a dude who's comfortable enough with himself to dance like a prima ballerina but also remain masculine while doing it. Also, how tight was his relationship with his wife? Big shout out for that. I love and own the movie Road House, which I think is the greatest B-movie ever made. I'm obsessed with watching it with groups of people. It's highly quotable and enjoyable.

What a badass.

classic baby michael jackson

I love little Michael Jackson! I just want to scoop him up in the video and take him somewhere happy. Cute little thang.

This, of course, is the classic video of the Jackson 5 auditioning for Berry Gordy of Motown in 1968. They performed James Brown's song "Got the Feeling." Lil Mike was strutting everywhere. I wish we could see more of his feet. His little legs zooming around the room might be the tightest thing I've seen in a while. So glad I decided to revisit this tonight.

something to brighten your day

We all need a good laugh. This has been one of the longest weeks ever. Between dealing with security deposits and banks and car dealerships, I am super ready to relax this weekend, but there is one day yet to go. This post might seem like I'm giving up on writing, but I'm not! I swear. Just look at this picture and if you tell me you weren't entertained, you're sort of dead to me.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

tight person of the day: sammy masters

There are some days when I'm really blue and I just want to eat some Ben and Jerry's and then call it a night. Well, I'm trying to eat better so these days if I feel sad I will just listen to some rockabilly. Talk about an instant mood booster! And you don't gain extra weight! I'm dead serious with this guy right now.

Sammy Masters is a super tight rockabilly musician. He got his start performing with Bob Wills on the radio and had his first single in 1950. He turned to songwriting, even writing a song for Patsy Cline. He released "Pink Cadillac" in 1956. (This is not the same song that Bruce Springsteen sang later.)

I don't think Sammy was ever super famous or anything, but this song stands the test of time for me. I can't even handle the solid bass in this. Also, it just so happens that a pink cadillac is my dream car. It has been for years.

I would be the hit of Austin in that thing. If it will get me a date, I'll buy it. Cash up front. Anyway, hope this song cures your blues someday with a little PINK.

Sammy Masters - Pink Cadillac

EXTRA BONUS: Here's another Sammy song called "Flat Feet." I like the photoshop job done there for the video. Tight.


Recently, I was involved in a CD exchange with some other ballers. The idea behind this exchange was to create a mix based on one theme. The theme was color. I ended up with pink and every song had to have pink in the song title. Well, this was a damn challenge because pink songs are rare. But I somehow found some and I want to share my setlist with you.

"Pink Thunderbird" Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps
"Pink Moon" Nick Drake (DUHZ)
"Pink Champagne" Joe Liggins and the Honeydrippers
"Pinky" Elton John
"Pink Cadillac" Sammy Masters
"Pink and Blue" The Mountain Goats
"A White Sport Coat (and a Pink Carnation) Marty Robbins
"Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" Liberace (I KNOW)
"Pink Pedal Pushers" Carl Perkins

Can you think of any others?

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Just One of the Guys

Hey guys, I don't know how the Oscars missed this one. The 80s are a goldmine of classic switcheroo films, such as Just One of the Guys.

"He dresses like Elvis Costello and looks like the Karate Kid."

And let us not forget the 1993 sequel, Just One of the Girls.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Since I started this blog to fulfill my love of soul music (one of the many reasons), I have had many amazing moments. People look at this baby that I never thought possible. Sam Cooke's nephew, anyone? So tight. But something has happened to me that is so beyond my wildest dreams. Let me tell you about it.

I went to an amazing Soul Showcase last Friday at the Continental Club. To my wonderful delight, it featured all Texas artists. The amazing Barbara Lynn, who is the most beautiful lady and tightest lefty guitar player. The crazy Roy Head, who can still shake it. And of course, the incomparable Archie Bell. If you haven't heard "Tighten Up," get on that now. DUHZ. How good was this night going to be?

Roy started out, playing a nice set, including his big hit "Treat Her Right." He had on a tight glittery shirt. What a stunna. Then Barbara came out and wowed the crowd her with most well-known song "You'll Lose A Good Thing" as well as covers like "What'd I Say." How tight? She looked amazing. I mean, she looks really good. I can't even tell you how smooth her skin is. I hope I can age that well. After her set, she was sitting in the back in a booth and I approached her for a picture. MEMORIES 4EVER Y'ALL $$$.

(Best part of that picture is B. Lynn's friend hanging out.)

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know my life was ABOUT TO CHANGE FOREVER. Archie Bell came out to play, decked out completely in a white suit, red shirt, and white and red shoes. Nothing can be more baller nor will it ever be. Complete and total baller from the minute the show started. He announced that was he 65 but could still move and that wasn't a lie. He is ridiculous and funny and dirty. It was so amazing to get to see him play.

BUT THEN. So Kat and I were right in front, and never really stopped dancing. He commented on us several times because we literally never stopped. After this went on for a while, he called us up to dance. I took off for the stage but then realized Kat wasn't behind me. I was going to have to fly solo. Most amazing moment. I climbed onto the side of the stage and just let go. I have never done anything like this. So unreal! I even interacted with Archie a little bit. And here's the craziest part: I was dancing the Tighten Up while he was playing "Tighten Up." I'm dying inside. I danced up there for a while, barely knowing what I was doing/risking falling at any moment because I was literally on a brownie pan-size pedestal. Worth it.

Oh, no big deal, just ME DANCING WITH ARCHIE BELL.

The thing is, this is a huge moment in my life. I know it might not seem like a huge deal to some of you, and that's cool. But as a lover of soul music, this moment pretty much makes my life right now. It's incredible. Something I will definitely tell my kids about and probably still be talking about at my wedding in the year 2048. Kidding! I'm still single. THE POINT IS, it's insane that I actually did it and that I felt such a huge adrenaline rush and that he was so sweet and awesome. Such a fun experience.

Thanks for reading this long-ass post and thank you for re-sharing this with me. So amazing. The tightest thing ever. Being able to share it with friends is even better! Thank you Roy, Barbara, and especially Mr. Archie Bell!

tumbling tumbleweeds

I feel like I have been back at work for three years. Summer seems like it was so long ago. How is this possible? I miss you, summer time freedom. Today I really just had to zone out and listen to something soothing. What better for that job than this amazing song? It relaxes me and also reminds me of the best movie of all time, The Big Lebowski.

The Sons of the Pioneers were a cowboy singing group founded by Roy Rogers. These guys know how to party. I have a soft spot for old country and this hits the spot perfectly. Love all these bros. Enjoy "Tumbling Tumbleweeds" and just remember: it's already almost Wednesday AND it's only 107 days until Christmas! Have an easy and peaceful week, y'all.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

nat king cole: "orange colored sky"

I am so into this song. I kinda want to do my first wedding dance to it. Who doesn't love Nat King Cole, though? One of the best male vocalists EVER. I like to leave this song on a loop while I get dressed or make a cuke salad. Get on board.

therapy llamas!

Are we being dead serious right now? This is out of control. I saw this article and had to double check the calendar. It's not Christmas yet, but a wonderful gift has been given to me. The idea of therapy llamas. I mean, duhz, I have a huge llama obsession. So how do I want to spend my final, senile years? Being all up in this right here.

Llamas are furry and have long eyelashes and are generally pretty sweet. I mean, don't try to get in the way of their alfafa and you'll be fine. I can only imagine the comfort a gentle llama could bring. So tender! This particular llama is named Pisco and he's 13! He's elderly, too. I'm freaking out. He works at the Hospice at St. John in Colorado. He comforts the terminally ill patients. I think I want a tattoo of that llama hug above. Seriously, though, this made my day.

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