Monday, March 5, 2012

as time goes by

I had a pretty long and productive day today. That's a good thing but I'm just plain sacked. While kicking back, I wanted some sweet tunes in the background that were relaxing and comforting. How about something from Casablanca? BINGO WAS HIS NAME-O.

This song has been covered a million and one times by everyone and their pooch. But I love Dooley Wilson's verison. He plays Sam in Casablanca (duh). Did you know that Dooley didn't actually play piano and all the hand shots are someone else? TRIVIA. I love this song.

Monday, February 27, 2012

tight person of the day: bull moose jackson

Oh, Bull Moose. So many suggestive songs.

This guy was an amazing saxophone player and R&B singer in the forties and fifties. I have been researching him since I read about him when trying to research someone else. I can't imagine seeing this guy play live. I know I would be in pieces on the floor. He kills it!

He formed his own band, the Buffalo Bearcats, and had success with them. They released several hilarious songs that were eventually deemed too suggestive for radio play. I can see how they would be scandalous at that time. But they are still so tight.

Here's a Bull Moose song from 1952 - "Big Ten Inch Record." Give it a listen and see if you can figure out what he's really talking about here. I just can't seem to put my finger on it (that's what she said and also multiple apologies).

Another song from 1952 that created a stir - "Nosey Joe." Y'all, these songs. The thing is, they are swinging and great. The lyrics are just seriously designed for some major LOLs.

Hope you had a laugh with Bull Moose Jackson today. Don't play around kids unless you want to get some questions.

Monday, February 13, 2012

you dropped a bomb on me - the gap band

I'm here to spread the word. I'm officially obsessed with this song. I've been playing it at least ten times an hour. If you do the math, you will realize that is many minutes dedicated to the electrofunk groove of The Gap Band. I simply can't with these guys. I have so many karaoke dreams attached to this song that it's not even funny.

First of all, there is a AN ACTUAL BOMB SOUND on the record. Like, a bomb is descending throughout. If you couldn't figure out what they are actually saying, even though they articulate well, the bomb sound says it all.

Secondly, I am a six year old at heart and always die laughing thinking about these guys really singing about farts. Sorry. I have to be honest. It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to (from a terrible fart).

I know TONS of teams use this during sporting events. It's a great song to play when scoring a goal, touchdown, basket, etc. I am currently in boot camp to become a professional NFL kicker just so I can use this song. I don't care what team I'm on or where I will have to move. All that matters now is becoming a super famous football player and having this be my sig song. Suck on that, America!

lonely moon child - dennis coffey

Dennis is a true badass. He is a guitarist from Detroit that has played on dozens of recordings, including some major Motown hits. He also looks like a true C++ nerd. Just saying. You might know him from his hit "Scorpio." He is really a gifted musician. Can't deal with the chill vibe of this song. It's great for playing while you finish up those eleven Words with Friends games you've been neglecting. Enjoy, mi amigos!

Friday, December 23, 2011

merry christmas and shabbat shalom, y'all.

So I haven't posted in a looooooong time. Once we get to summer 2012, I will explain all of that to you.

But the important thing is this: IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS. Usually I do a countdown to Christmas with various soul songs that honor the season. I blew that off this year to drink wine, get a sinus infection, and eat entire bags of Skittles at one in the morning.

But I do have something fun for you. First of all, it's Friday. Christmas is in two days. We are also in the midst of Hanukkah. I have a festive Friday song for all of us.

Don't play with this song. Big shout out to M & D for turning me on to this amazing jam. Also, thanks to Austin radio since apparently that's where it came from. Big ups to Mel Waiters - a southern soul man who is still doing this thang. I can't handle this song. Let's all fry some fish tonight wherever we are.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

doris troy - he's qualified

I just love Doris Troy. You might know her from the popular song "Just One Look." Her voice is amazing and she was discovered by James Brown at the Apollo and has an album produced by George Harrison so I mean COME ON.


Also, shouldn't all women say that their men are qualified to be with them? I'm into this, ladies!

de la soul + fela = FELA SOUL

I have been listening to this non stop. Two things I really like.

De La Soul + Fela Kuti = FELA SOUL.

This goes so hard! The Internet giveth.

I can't really say much more than you should DOWNLOAD THIS!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

tight people of the day: the casinos

Lately, I've been down in the dumps a little. I'm not going to lie. I miss summer and swimming every day whenever I wanted. I miss drinking my iced coffee and listening to records and reading on the couch in my Old Navy shorts from 1999 that no one ever sees.

Basically, I'm trying to tell you that I really miss not having to go to work. #firstworldproblems

Here's the thing though: When I'm down in the dumps - even a little - I usually want sad, dumpy music to accompany that. I was listening to a crazy mix I have called "Malt Shop Memories." (I know right - LOLZ.) Well, this song is on there. It's got a sad tone and at first, I was settling into it. But then, something happened. I was transformed. This is actually a sweet little love song. It seems to me like the couple in the song really want to work it out. They want to give it a shot. Well, hell, I thought, if they can give it a shot, I can give lifting MY spirits a go. So, here we are, posting on the blog and ordering caftans on Etsy (real thing I'm also doing).

I think this song is what most people, or any people, know The Casinos for. They were made up of ten members - nine bros and a Hammond organ. Joking! But seriously, the Hammond organ is like a person to me. Very special. I think what's amazing about this song is that it charted in 1967. People were pretty much over this type of music by then. But it just goes to show that everyone loves a good love song. Especially one with hope! Even me.

Video and download below for your pleasure.

The Casinos - Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

Also, I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you check out the New Casinos. You're welcome.

darling baby

I just listened to this while sifting through Google Reader. I was numbing my mind but my heart stayed warm due to the sweet, sweet soul of The Elgins.

Please to enjoy this wonderful Motown hit from 1965, "Darling Baby." I can't confirm this, but I'm pretty sure this was their first single, released as a B-side.

Obvi, I love The Elgins because they have already been tight people of the day.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

throwback sunday

Wow. Today's a tough one for a lot of folks out there. I hope that you told someone - anyone - that you loved him or her today. Respect.

I'm spending this lazy Sunday with some of my favorite oldies. Enjoy a little Iceman.

May your day be filled with peace.

Monday, August 15, 2011

pure jamaican soul

I really can't say enough about this song. It's so pure and sweet and speaks to me so clearly that I feel like I had some part in its creation.

This is a wonderful song called "I'm Still Waiting." You'll recognize The Wailers, who you may know because they later became the backing band for a dude named BOB MARLEY. Well, this is just Bob, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer performing way back in 1965 as the Wailing Wailers with back-up singers. This was before Bob met Rita, before he turned to the Rastafari movement, before the reggae sound developed that we are probably most familiar with. They are just bebes here and you can really hear the R&B influence.

If you ever find the Greatest Hits of Studio One album, I highly suggest you buy it immediately. These early Wailers songs are truly priceless.

The tenderness of Bob's voice here is really too much to handle. It's Jamaican me crazy. (Sorry.)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

summer disco track

ANNA FACT: I am into some disco songs. I feel like they are the perfect background for a summer day around the house. For example, today I listened to the 45 I have of this song OVER AND OVER while I swept, dusted, and made iced coffee. Sound good? Well, join me in a little listen of this tight tune and we can be disco dynamos together today.

Can you handle this sweet groove? The singing duo of Bo and Ruth will take you to dance town. Bo Kirkland and Ruth Davis were both recording independently until they were put together by their label do an album. It was released in 1976 and this song was quite a smash. Unfortunately, the label folded shortly after that. I recommend this single but also looking for any Bo and Ruth that you can find.

FUN FACT: The B side of this 45 is a song called "Stay Out My Kitchen (If You Can't Stand The Heat)." Laugh out loud.