Wednesday, May 27, 2009

dog personal trainer

I just realized I did three dog-related posts in a row. SO SUE ME. Here's the deal: this dog is sweeping the internet. He can do more intense cardio than a person. I want him to teach me how to exercise. Look at how straight his back stays against that wall! Excellent form.

This little pooch is seriously the next Judi Sheppard Misset. FRRLZ.

Also, comments on the Beatles playing in the background? He even knows how to choose the best workout music. I would pay him $500 an hour plus a walk around the nabe for his services.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here's Looking at You Kid...

Or she might be looking at the person next to you, or someone behind's kinda hard to say, really. Basically, without taking away any hardcore readership from isthistight?, I need for everyone to add this website to their daily list of blogs and check it out! It's a regularly updated display of cake eff-ups with some pretty tight commentary. Can I get a witness that a few contributors to this blog and myself could open a bakery/decorate cakes and cupcakes alllll day. I'm just sayin'

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

tight person of the day: patsy cline

I have a karaoke dream of doing a Patsy Cline song. The thing is, Patsy is impossible to do. I would butcher it completely. I mean, I would butcher even a terrible Tiffany song, but the point is, how embarrassing to sing Patsy in front of a group of people? I just really want to pretend to be her for one minute.

Look at this tight laid-back picture series of Patsy! I love how casual she is. I just love her. She is it for me. Lately, I've been getting into buying crazy old country 45s. I picked up a copy of Patsy singing "Walking Dream" and I pulled out my other stuff I already had and I've been living in Patsy town for a few days.

Patsy is a totally baller country singer, as you should know by now. Her voice is one of a kind. Whenever she sings, turtle doves might as well come flying out of her throat because it's so sweet and smooth and wonderful. In the late fifties, Patsy was mostly recording honky-tonky stuff and appearing at the Grand Ole Opry for shows. YOU KNOW, JUST MAKING A LIVING. She hit it big with "Walkin' After Midnight" in 1957. The rest is history. You know all the Patsy hits. "Crazy," "I Fall to Pieces," and "She's Got You" just to name a few. I think most country artists would say Patsy is a huge influence and is still one of the greatest vocalists of all time in any genre. Patsy died tragically in a plane crash in 1963 at the age of 30. So young! At least she got in some super tight recordings before then.

So here's a super tight little Patsy song for you. Also, please check out Patsy in action. Making this game looks easy!

Patsy Cline - Strange

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You Guys...Happy Hump Day!

Sooooo.....Is this tight? I have no clue why these ever get made, but I want to thank whoever did it. The song is "Dream Girl" by Tay Dizm feat. Akon and it's terribad. BUT, I did catch an interesting lyric before muting it at the 1 min mark to just watch the vid. "Gabrielle Union's face, Strapped with Oprah Winfrey's cheese, in a house on a hill in the West Indies." This violates so many things on so many levels, and yet it's pretty tight. Tay Dizm really is on to something putting the "O" in his songs. Bitch is paid. Anyway, this vid has a ton of Rowlf the Dog which is why I had to post it. He's the best. Happy Hump-Day!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Perhaps the Most Untight Post Yet

I need help understanding something right now.

i'm sleeping with the light on tonight.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun Fun

I need someone to tell me what's going on here. There is something unreal about Italian Disco music videos. While I love this song, the video for Happy Station by Fun Fun is practically unexplainable. Basically, this looks like two chicks from my brother's high school yearbook class decided to make a video together and this is what happened. The girl with the short hair is probably named Donna. Bonus: At the two minute mark, there's some super sleepy corpse dancing.

p.s. How has Daft Punk not sampled this?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

pure moods

Are You Lonely?

The tastiest treat I've presented in a while. Are You Lonely? is from LaBelle's Nightbirds album, produced by Allen Toussaint. IF IT GETS ANY BETTER THAN DIS, LEMME KNOW CAUSE I'M PRETTY SURE IT DOESN'T.

Are You Lonely? - Labelle

FYI: I've recently come into possession of four LaBelle albums. Give me your requests if you have any.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

wednesdays = something to look forward to

I want to showcase a special video today. Matt Graham is a special dude. He reads this blog, which earns baller status right away. He also makes music. He has started doing a weekly series of songs every Wednesday. This was the video he made last week and I wanted to post it on a Wednesday, even if it's a week late (forgive me, MG). First of all, the addition of the puppet brings the LOLs but the song is really cute and creative. Well done. Don't we all need a glass of wine like that to get us through a tough Wednesday? Also, does this posting grant me a singing spot in the next Wednesday video??

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Monday, May 4, 2009

stand by me - world edition

Are you ready to cry? I like to cry at things that are good, like the scene in Steel Magnolias when Sally Field cries her eyes out in the cemetery and says, "It really does look like a brown football helmet!" about her hair. Off topic.

The point is, I have something to help you get those emotions out. Check out this totally tight video. I want to send massive props to Matt for sending me this and knowing it was tight. This video consists of the best cover of Ben E. King's "Stand By Me" that you will ever hear. But there's a totally awesome catch. It was recorded ALL OVER THE WORLD.

The base track started in California, and from there the filmmakers/recorders journeyed to New Orleans, Africa, and even Amsterdam to lay on vocals and other instruments to the original track. It just gets better and better and so moving. I mean, doesn't this make you feel like something right is happening in the world? Frrl. Can you believe there is so much talent in the world? Can you believe all this was done with a laptop? Dang. Enjoy.

ethel smith

If you know me at all, you know I really LOVE a good organ solo/player. Well, why have I never heard of the huge baller known as Ethel Smith? I have a serious love affair with the Hammond B-3 and Ethel is playing a Hammond A, I think, but it's all good.

Ethel is an organ player, so she already has a small piece o' my heart. She made many pop recordings on the Hammond in the 1940s, which is a super baller time period and also reminds me of one of my favorite books, Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself by Judy Blume. Anyway, I would give anything to be Ethel. Not only for the totally tight hairstyles but also for the amazing hand dexterity and also just to know I could kick anyone's ass in a musical throwdown.

Here's the deal. Ethel Smith is the most boring name of all time. Let's be real. It's on par with Sally Johnson or John White or something. But whatever she is lacking in stage name she makes up for in total awesomeness. This lady is like quick draw McGraw on the damn keys! How does she do this? I need answers. Just watch her hands move around and see if you can keep up. Also, how baller are all this other ladies? This is like some weird Girl Scout meeting in my dreams, but with grown women.

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