Monday, January 12, 2009

marvin gaye - what's going on/what's happening brother

I'm still in the Motown birthday spirit right now, so I want to share this video. I know I blog about Marvin all the time and it's probably super annoying, BUT I DON'T REALLY GIVE AN F. Marvin is the most amazing artist of all time. There, I said it. I wouldn't be complete without What's Going On, which I would argue is probably the best album of all time. I also cannot even handle that picture of Marvin in his glasses. That could be from 2007, y'allz. Love you, Marv. Isn't it weird how these songs still mean something important today? I mean, he could've just made this album. I'm in love.

This video is bringing some tears for me. I love Marv sitting behind the piano just singing and smiling away. Man! I should not have had all that wine. Now I'm going to curl in a ball and rock myself to sleep while slowing whispering the lyrics to "Sexual Healing."

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