Thursday, January 29, 2009

tight person of the day: eddie floyd

I know it's hard to see Eddie Floyd's face here but I don't really care because just look at this picture! LOLZ. He is in the most perfect stance I have ever seen and then he is holding an AX. What the hell is going on? I love this so much. I want to do some bridal portraits like this someday. Also, this brings up a super important question. Is it ax or axe? I know one is for the chopping of wood and one is for shredding my face with guitar. This is troubling me.

Eddie is a Stax recording artist and achieves baller status for many more reasons than just that amazing photo. In 1965, Eddie started working at Stax writing songs. He started recording and came up with a song that he thought could potentially be a single for Otis Redding. Well, guess what? It became one of his biggest hits. "Knock on Wood" went straight to Numba 1. Also, a Lady Longhorns basketball game at UT would not be complete without the Horn Band playing "Knock on Wood" and deafening me slightly with the tight horns. (I went to a lot of these as a kid/through some college. I was a Short Horn. I cleaned up basketball player sweat and I'm proud of it to this day. Haters to da left.) This song is so tight! What a classic. In the middle of all this success, Eddie kept on writing and had massive hits with most of his songs. Hello! This is a dream scenario. Famous as a recording artist AND songwriter? Yes, please.

The song I am sharing with you today was co-written by Eddie and is such a sweet little gemjam. I want to have you all over for a sweet night by the fire, chatting and enjoying a cocktail that I will force someone else to make me. Oh, I know, I will make something out of wood. I will whittle it myself. I want to honor Eddie in the picture above. Eddie is still out there recording and being a baller and he just released an album in July of 2008. How tight is that? Songs like this one just make you feel good and warm and complete inside. And we all need that sometimes.

Eddie Floyd - I've Never Found A Girl (To Love Me Like You Do)

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