Monday, January 26, 2009

long live stains!

I really have no words to describe what you are about to see. Basically, Stains the dog just wants to eat. But his owners are angry. I guess he's eating their human food and they are TICKED. They hire a trainer to help with this horrible, horrible problem and somewhere along the way Stains (best dog name ever) learns how to make his eyes look EXACTLY LIKE A HUMAN'S. It's beyond nuts how he can resist those cupcakes because I can't resist a Butterfinger mini that is beyond two weeks old and looks like it might have been run over a few times (this didn't really happen to me). Also, the creepy music in the background totally hypnotizes me.

I don't know how to explain why I love this video so much. Maybe it's the love I feel for Stains and his crappy situation. Maybe it's the love I feel for his amazing moniker. Maybe it's the love I feel for the way his eyes can see into my soul. Regardless, you will fall in love with Stains, too. Take a look. Bonus: this video ends with Spaghetti Cat. Don't know why, but go with it.

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