Tuesday, January 20, 2009

there you have it!

Today was a big day. A historical day. I finally tried the cafeteria chicken tenders. Sike! Like, duh, I'm totally talking about Obama's big moment. I love this guy so I'm ready for a good four (maybe eight) years. It was a trip watching the inauguration with a classroom of kids because they understand that's it really super tight, but I don't think they quite grasp the magnitude. However, I know they will remember watching this one day and I'm happy about that. Watching Obama sign off on his speech and hearing the kids erupt into applause is enough to make the blackest of hearts melt. Also, his name rhymes with LLAMA and I'm into that.

There was one thing about this day that I really need to share with you. It was my sister, Aretha Franklin. Homegirl looking crazy! I mean, Aretha can do whatever she wants. But stop bogarting camera time with that hat, gurl!

I have a lot of music that makes me happy and excited for this year and even makes me think of Obama, but I will leave you with a little ditty today. And by little, I mean it's about one minute long. Worth the minute. Maybe I'm on a high from this day, or I'm just not totally encrusted with bitterness yet, but I think good things can still happen. Maybe we can change the world, sometimes.

Graham Nash - We Can Change The World

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Chappell said...

i'm pretty sure that We Can Change the World would be my campaign song if i ever ran for president.