Thursday, March 19, 2009

sxsw day 1

Wednesday, March 18

The beginning of SXSW is here! Hard to believe just a year ago I was sneaking into things and covering my arms with long sleeves so no one would notice I didn't have a wristband. MY, HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED.

Anywayz, I started the first day off right with Wax Fang. If you don't know this amazing band from Louisville, then you should start doing your research. I first saw Wax Fang open for My Morning Jacket in 2006 and I totally loved their live show. You know it's going to be a good time when a lion head is attached to the drum kit and there is a pony with pink hair on stage. The lead singer Scott Carney also uses a theremin sometimes, which makes my world go round. Honestly, it's experimental and crazy and awesome but they still know how to rock your face off. You are never bored. The best part of this show was when a guy behind me told his friend, "Damn, are we at The Who?" Tight. The other best part is that the show was at Spiro's. LOL. I kept waiting for the band to break into a Ne-Yo song or something.

I had some time to kill, so I stopped by the Museum of the Weird. Who even knew this existed? I sure didn't. And yes, I really did this. Basically, if you are interested in plasters of Bigfoot feet and some shrunken heads, then this is the place for you. Oh, and you will certainly get your fill of two-headed calves at this place. Still on the fence if it was worth it, but it makes for a good story!

After my museum experience, I headed to see Dan Auerbach at the Parish. Dan is half of The Black Keys. I saw The Black Keys once at ACL right before a terrible dust storm started. I just remember wondering if my face could melt anymore from Dan's guitar solos and then I had to run out of there because I was choking on dirt. Anyway, I love love love the Parish for shows so I was super pumped he was playing there. This was such a great show. His band sounded amazing. The sound is totally timeless. Like, some of it sounds like a dusty group of dudes in overalls on a porch could be singing it. Other times, it's simply straight rock. I also felt like some of the songs were totally old-school blues. I really enjoyed it and am glad I stopped by this one.

I took a pedi-cab to my next stop. Look, y'all, my dogs were barking. This is the first time I've ever done this. And I was alone! It was totally crazy because I talked to the dude some and he kept turning around and I was like, should we be talking or should he be watching the road?

I decided to pop in and see an old favorite, The Grant Ewing Band. They are from San Marcos, but hopefully will keep playing more and more shows in Austin. I was so impressed with this show. I think it's the best set I've ever seen them do. They had a horn section that added so much to the songs. Straight-up soul. Basically, I thought I was going to pee my pants because I was so excited. The crowd seemed to be really digging it, which was awesome. They sounded super tight. And tight as in, the way I usually mean it and the musically awesome togetherness way.

I fell into bed with a mind full of happy sounds and ringing ears. Yes, I'm the total dumbass that never ever remembers ear plugs. Hopefully hitting up a few day shows today to get my soul fix. Will be blogging tomorrow about today!

Stay cool and hydrated and try to find all the free BBQ you can, kittens!

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