Monday, March 2, 2009

do right woman: battle royale


( part deux )

I'm back and I've got a bone to pick with Texas weather. First of all, the warmth is super nice but it brings out all the crazies! Enough with the sidewalk guitar playing and saxophone playing. I know you really can't wait to cruise around town in your board shorts but I really can. Cool your jets! But then, overnight, it switches back to cold. Hello! I need to Neti Pot this crap like every damn day. And now it's slightly warm again. I'm sick and tired of it. So, to make myself feel better, I'm presenting a Battle Royale today.

"Do Right Woman" is such an amazing tune. I'm presenting it in two very different ways today.

First, a version by the Flying Burrito Brothers. If you are not familiar with this band, I urge you to get there. They are pretty much country rock at its finest. Also, you might know this band because of the big cheese Gram Parsons, who was a member. Gram is a personal love of mine. Gram and his friend Chris Hillman were in another band, The Byrds, and took this sweet and apple pie country sound to the Burrito Bros. Their most well-known album, Gilded Palace of Sin, was released in 1969. This group just flat out rules. They constantly wore Nudie suits and probably did tons of drugs, but I'm ok with it. Speaking of Nudies, will someone get me a suit with llamas all over it? Christmas is just around the corner.

ANYWAYZ, "Do Right Woman" is featured on this album and is really one of my favorite tracks. I just love the way Gram sings this. The thing about this whole album is that even though it has a country twang, they also manage to sound soulful and gospel-y at the same time (at least I think so). So awesome. I want to do a slow country shuffle and then drink a brewskie with all my soulmates. That's tight.

Flying Burrito Brothers - Do Right Woman

Um, doy. I think we all know about this lady. Aretha is pure magic. I mean, she's the goddamn Queen of Soul. And I love to make Blingees out of her. BLINGEES!! As soon as I hit Publish Post, I am off to create some fantastic new Blingees to surprise you with.

This version rules. The background singers going "DO RIGHT DO RIGHT." Nothing is as good as that. I want to be one of her singers. No one can break it down like Miz Aretha. She has been consistenly pumping out good, solid soul for years and years. Unfortch, I don't have the entire version of this song to share with you, but this snippet should be enough to whet your appetite. If you want to get a lady in the sack, put this song on and open a can of Chef Boyardee and you are in biz big time. Take my word.

Aretha Franklin - Do Right Woman

Enjoy this supreme battle of doin' right by each other. Wherever you and whoever you are, remember to be a do right woman or do right man. And enjoy that Chef Boyardee, playas.

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