Sunday, March 22, 2009

my favorite sxsw moment

I forgot to share this with you.

On Friday night, as I walked to Continental Club, I passed the giant Baptist church on South Congress. It has a crazy slanted roof that I desperately want to slide off of into a pool.

Anyway, not the point. Here it is: there was a tent set up near the church and some chairs. People were hanging out and I'm not quite sure who was actually running this. However, graphics were being projected onto the side of the roof, which is really quite perfect for slides and movies and such. Wouldn't it be tight to watch The Big Lebowski or something on that roof screen?

ANYWAY, the point of this whole post is that while the graphics were being projected, the tent's giant sound system was playing Gram Parsons and the Flying Burrito Brothers the whole time. And I saw COUPLES SLOW DANCING TO "DO RIGHT WOMAN." I almost lost it. It was the sweetest sight and one of the best moments of this whole festival for me. It just brought a happy smile to my face.

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kat said...

a happy smile?