Wednesday, March 11, 2009

tight person of the day: bill withers

Bill, Bill, Bill. How I love thee. Bill is my dream wedding singer. He would get the crowd dancing. Doesn't he just seem like a really all-around good guy? What a nice dude.

Bill is an amazing soul singer who makes it look pretty dang easy. In 1970, Bill sent a demo to Sussex Records. Good move, bro. He was signed and immediately started making an album. Get this: Booker T. Jones produced it and Stephen Stills played guitar on it. That's pretty tight for your first album. I mean, I would be happy if Elmo agreed to produce an album for me. So awesome. So Bill was on a roll and had a big hit with "Ain't No Sunshine." Bill won a Grammy for that song.

He went on to have some more major hits, that you probably have heard sometime in your life. I'm talking about tunes like "Lean on Me" (HELLO!) and "Just the Two of Us." These songs are so good. There's just something about Bill's voice. I almost feel like he could be sitting in my living room singing to me while we watch The Hills. The point is, it's smooth and comforting to me. Nothing can soothe me as much, except a box of Cheez-its and a back rub.

Bill has had a wonderful career and he's still going. I want to see Bill sing live someday. He epitomizes huge baller. Enjoy this funky and soulful song that you can definitely t up in your car. This is such a good driving song. Maybe we'll see each other singing and we can wave across the traffic. TIGHT.

Bill Withers - Use Me

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Marissa said...

He does seem like such a good guy, like someone who'd sing to me on a moment's notice. He's got that soft passion in his voice.