Sunday, March 22, 2009

sxsw day 4

Saturday, March 21

I can't believe it has all come to an end. I am tired but happy. This was a crazy four days. There was still way more I could've done. In the end, I guess you have to pace yourself. Let me tell you about Day 4.

The biggest thing I wanted to do today was see Erykah Badu play at Auditorium Shores. We walked there and saw the most massive line of all time. We sorta cheated and skipped all that and got inside. People were nutz at this show! I have major crowd-ranting issues I could go into right now, but just know this: I really need you to leave the tiny tiny kids at home.

ANYWAY, the show started with The Cannabinoids, who are like electronic hip-hop experimental DJ town. From what I can tell, it's basically a group of DJ dudes from Dallas, but what's kinda tight is that they are all supposed to represent different parts of the brain aka a different musical "role." Cool concept. This whole project was apparently created by Miss Erykah Badu, who plays with the group. So this group started and then they kept getting the crowd pumped for Erykah to come out. So of course, everyone is getting real super anxious and excited to see her. Then some dude comes on the mic and says she had "travel difficulties," but no one is taking any equipment off the stage. Basically, I was getting really pissed/more and more confused, but then she just came strolling out. She can do whatever she wants. So I was just starting to get into it, when she left the stage. She literally played like three songs and that was IT. I know she's not the main focus and the group as a whole was the act playing, but you know everyone that walked their asses to the lake to see that shit wanted to see Erykah. Anyway, she's still a baller. I just can't wait to fulfill my dream of seeing a longer set from her.

Then we waited an hour to get OUT of Auditorium Shores. Better planning next year, Austin.

Then it was time to head downtown. We walked around for a bit, grabbed a drink, and headed to Buffalo Billiards. We wanted to see Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears again (yes, I know) but also arrived in enough time to check out Solange Knowles. Now, this is the sister of Beyonce, y'all. And she is playing with a band called the Hadley Street Dreams and going for a soul sound (I think). However, we had time to sit on the patio outside for literally thirty minutes while her band did a sound check and then we came inside and found a spot to stand and STILL wasted tons of time. I was getting antsy because I knew all this wasted time was cutting into Black Joe's time. Finally, the set started but I have to say I felt so-so. Some of the songs had a little groove and I could sorta get into it, but then the lyrics were terrible. Like, there was a song literally about having a "champagne and chronic night-cap." WTF? Anyway, she's trying.

So she ended at like 1:40 which meant little to no time for Black Joe Lewis, but they got set up as quickly as possible. What can I say that hasn't already been said? Amazing live show, total dance factor, great sound. I want to see this band perform every single day. Fortunately, they got to play over and didn't stop until around 2:30. Then Kat and I walked up 8837729999 flights of stairs to get to my car. I also think I walked through some puke on the way.

So, SXSW 2009 is ovah. I want to give a giant shout-out to Linda for everything. Thanks to all the friends who bummed around with me. Thanks to vodka tonics with lime. Thanks to all the music I saw and thanks to all the guys that would try to dry hump you when you walked down 6th Street and then apologize like they really didn't mean to do it.

Now I'm going to go do laundry and drink more coffee and check my bank account.

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