Monday, September 28, 2009

maybe so, maybe no

There's been a lot of buzz surrounding this guy Mayer Hawthorne lately. I've been watching his video for his song "Maybe So, Maybe No" quite a bit in recent days. Well, I have a special treat for you. I like Mayer's version and he will be in Austin soon so I can judge him in person. BUT the original of this song is so, so tight. Get ready.

The original is by a super tight band from Detroit called The Holidays.

What's crazy is that apparently there were like 50 versions of this band. A version with certain members formed off to the side and called themselves The New Holidays. This is the group that actually recorded "Maybe So, Maybe No." They released this song on Soul Hawk records in 1969. How tight is this song? I'm so glad I know about it now.

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cybulski said...

i enjoy finding the originals!