Monday, September 14, 2009

tight person of the day: sammy masters

There are some days when I'm really blue and I just want to eat some Ben and Jerry's and then call it a night. Well, I'm trying to eat better so these days if I feel sad I will just listen to some rockabilly. Talk about an instant mood booster! And you don't gain extra weight! I'm dead serious with this guy right now.

Sammy Masters is a super tight rockabilly musician. He got his start performing with Bob Wills on the radio and had his first single in 1950. He turned to songwriting, even writing a song for Patsy Cline. He released "Pink Cadillac" in 1956. (This is not the same song that Bruce Springsteen sang later.)

I don't think Sammy was ever super famous or anything, but this song stands the test of time for me. I can't even handle the solid bass in this. Also, it just so happens that a pink cadillac is my dream car. It has been for years.

I would be the hit of Austin in that thing. If it will get me a date, I'll buy it. Cash up front. Anyway, hope this song cures your blues someday with a little PINK.

Sammy Masters - Pink Cadillac

EXTRA BONUS: Here's another Sammy song called "Flat Feet." I like the photoshop job done there for the video. Tight.

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