Thursday, September 3, 2009

therapy llamas!

Are we being dead serious right now? This is out of control. I saw this article and had to double check the calendar. It's not Christmas yet, but a wonderful gift has been given to me. The idea of therapy llamas. I mean, duhz, I have a huge llama obsession. So how do I want to spend my final, senile years? Being all up in this right here.

Llamas are furry and have long eyelashes and are generally pretty sweet. I mean, don't try to get in the way of their alfafa and you'll be fine. I can only imagine the comfort a gentle llama could bring. So tender! This particular llama is named Pisco and he's 13! He's elderly, too. I'm freaking out. He works at the Hospice at St. John in Colorado. He comforts the terminally ill patients. I think I want a tattoo of that llama hug above. Seriously, though, this made my day.


Mrs. Graham said...

This is da bomb! I want to hug a llama.

Caso said...

hahaha bring one of those to brighton gardens RIGHT NOW so i can work with them.