Thursday, August 20, 2009

light my fire

This song is really soothing me right now. Of course, you probably know the version done by the Doors. This cover of "Light My Fire" is still really right. I smell a song battle coming on.

Jose Feliciano is a super tight guitarist. He has quick fingers. DID I MENTION HE WAS BORN BLIND? This proves how little I have actually done with my life. It's like, I think I've done some stuff. I'll think about my job and life and be like, it's been pretty good. And then Jose is all SIKE on my thoughts because he's a wizard.

Jose released his version of this classic song in 1968 and the spicy Latin arrangement helped it on the charts. I believe this might be slowly winning over "Feliz Navidad" in my heart. And I never thought that would be possible.

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Chappell said...

I wore out this track on my parent's record. Luv this version.

This video kills me cause I'm wondering why Jose is playing in an IKEA bedroom. He should go get some Swedish meatballs STAT.