Friday, August 28, 2009

something old i like #8: troll dolls

Look at those little turds. The dolls featured in that picture were everything to me in the early 1990s. I'm serious. I had a million Troll dolls. All kinds, too. I think at one point I even had a Dallas Cowboys one. My poor mother.

The thing about these little guys is that they were supposed to bring you "good luck." Well, all they brought me was scornful looks anytime someone entered my bedroom and a lifetime of regret. As I recall, they were not cheap. But that potbelly and colorful head of hair is like crack to me. Apparently, even Koko the gorilla can't fight the feeling.

I'm ragging on them hard right now, but I really do like these toys. They offer nothing but somehow were one of the biggest fads of my childhood. Like, at least you could style a Barbie. I could include a My Little Pony in some kind of role-play scenario. Fisher Price food was really good for my fake grocery store and restaurant. Look, I had a lot of alone time. What do Trolls do for us? They stare at you in the night. BUT I LOVE IT. I also need to let you know that at one point I have watched a VHS with singing trolls. I think one sang "Do Wa Ditty."

The point of this post (I swear there is one) is that Trolls made me happy when I was a kid with huge glasses. Before I knew of the coldness of life, I let a little plastic freak with orange hair and hollow eyes that looks too much like an Olsen twin (too mean?) bring me joy. Wish I could go there again. Now it takes tacos, two Advil, and a glass of medicine.

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Mrs. Graham said...

Somewhere in my closet I still have my 2 troll dolls from the '60s! One had orange hair and one had white hair. I loved those little guys! They brought me a lot of joy in my childhood, too. Thanks for the memory jogging.