Wednesday, August 5, 2009

She Wolf

I never thought I would utter this sentence, but Shakira's new single is kind of amazing. Her new album was produced by Pharrell and apparently, he introduced her to the likes of Crystal Castles and Glass Candy. This song has disco guitar, violin, and a dance beat, all the essentials for dancing. For what it is, I'm slightly impressed.

Plus, the Spanish version is called 'Loba,' which is kind of tight.

While this may not be your thing, this is still good new for female pop music. You just can't make C grade Britney Spears stuff and get by as well. While I have little patience for Lady GaGa, her music has stepped up the lady pop genre, pulling it out of the grave that was dug by the late 1990s.

Download the song via Synthetic Rocks


A said...

peep the video; it's its own blog post

Chappell said...

i definitely would've posted the video but embedding was disabled. She always kind of looks like a freakshow in her videos. What i don't understand is how she can hire a great producer for her album, but not hire someone decent to design her videos. they look about as fresh as 1998. she needs to take a few notes from Beyonce.