Monday, August 10, 2009

tight person of the day: sol k. bright

I'm in a tropical mood today. It's my last week of teacher summer before heading back to the grind. I have had so many glorious weeks off. I have done absolutely nothing. Well, that's not totally true. I did drive myself into debt record shopping and manage to watch almost every episode of Golden Girls. ANYWAY, since I'm nearing the end of my summer, I'm doing everything I can to hold on to it. That includes putting on a lei and making some kind of pineapple drink and pretending I am in Hawaii. There is no better music for that daydream than Sol K. Bright.

Sol is a baller. He did a little bit of everything and has made Hawaii proud. He was a songwriter, singer, and band leader and was making a killing in Hawaii and even Japan. He was a big band type leader in the thirties! How crazy is that? He had a band called the Hollywaiians. I'm in love. Sol was also a super talented steel guitar player. I have been listening to the song "La Rosita" on repeat for a while now trying to capture summer in a bottle. I have also been listening to this one but the embedding is disabled. Time to get tropical.

If anyone knows more about Sol, I want to hear about it. I can't dig anything else up about him, really. I also would kill to have his stuff on vinyl.

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whats tight person of the day mean?
I found this by accident looking up k bright just for the hell of it. anyway sol k bright is my gramps.its hard to find the old v.albums, however there are some out there. even I don't have want to have fun? try to listen to his recording of Hawaiian'll love it.try looking up the hawaiian music hall of fame - he's in there. have fun