Friday, August 28, 2009

the muppets do the beatles

Hello, two of my favorite things. Obvi, I have a Muppets love that will live forever. But who doesn't like the Beatles. This marriage is the best thing I've seen since Elizabeth Taylor shacked up with that truck driver. I was inspired by this post to include some of the Muppets/Beatles videos here. Some are quite heartfelt and serious. Oh, and DOY, these are all from the Muppet Show aka the greatest show with puppets I've ever known.

I really like this version of "Octopus' Garden" because I'm digging on the super cocky octopus on drums. What a nut! But seriously, how tight would an octopus be in a rock band? Take that guy on tour, asap. He could go for hours with all those arms. Also, Robin is a highly underrated Muppets character. He's cute as hell. But Miss Piggy singing back-up? Nuff said.

This cover of "Blackbird" is kinda bringing tears to my eyes right now. I really like it. Sgt. Floyd Pepper is rocking the vocals hard. I also like that he is playing this with Janice. Were they ever dating? I could never tell. OOPS FORGET THEY WEREN'T REAL KTHXBYE. Floyd also does a super tight version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."

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