Monday, July 13, 2009

baby i need your loving: battle royale


This is an extra tricky song battle because I have three versions of this song. Also, I am really enjoying calling it a battle because in no way do I expect you to choose a winner/even pretend this is serious. "Baby I Need Your Loving" was a huge Motown hit for The Four Tops in 1964. Hello, it was written by Holland-Dozier-Holland who could write a tight song about me brushing my teeth. It's a classic song with a classic Motown feel. It's such a feel-good song. Who doesn't know all the words? It's one of those songs where I feel like groups of people will start singing it together and then wonder how they know every single lyric. I have included the original Four Tops version, but here are some BATTLERS.

Man. Love these guys. The Four Tops are, of course, a classic Motown quartet. TRIVIA: Did you know these guys were together for something crazy like forty years without a single line-up change? Seriously. They had a ton of hits that we all know and love in the sixties. I can get down to a Four Tops song anytime, anywhere. If you can't, I feel like you might need to CHECK YOUR PULSE. "Baby I Need Your Loving" really started it all for this group. Check the vid.

Johnny Rivers - Baby I Need Your Lovin'

Johnny Rivers is a huge personal fave. He recorded a cover version in 1967 and titled it "Baby I Need Your Lovin'". He was only released as a single but had success. I mean, how could it not? He also covered "Tracks of My Tears" during this period. Loving the Motown thing from Johnny.

The Supremes - Baby I Need Your Loving

The Supremes got in the mix with their version, recorded in 1966. It appears on their album A' Go-Go, which has a ton of crazy stuff on it. A million covers! Of course, we all know that The Supremes were a Motown girl group and pretty much the biggest ballers of the sixties, except for maybe the Beatles. I'm dead serious. These girls are like the highest selling vocal group EVER. That is ridiculous. This version features the original gals: Diana, Mary, and Florence.

SO, which one do you like the best? Personally, I can't go wrong with the O.G. Four Tops version, but I have to admit it's a nice change of pace to hear the soothing female vocals from Diana. But, I also love Johnny's crooner style. A near impossible choice, but at least nothing will disappoint you. Now, I'm off to a busy day. Sike, the only real thing I have to do today is eat lunch.

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Renda said...

This one's an easy one: Four Tops. No doubt about it!