Friday, November 20, 2009

tight person of the day: wayne mcghie

Wayne McGhie is a Jamaican who ended up gaining fame in Canada and releasing a funk album. How baller? In the late sixties, Wayne moved to Toronto from his native Jamaica to write songs for fellow singers. He was making a name for himself in the city as a top notch writer. Wayne had many great connections that helped when it came time for him to record his own debut album. His personnel on the album included Alton Ellis and was produced by Jackie Mittoo. I mean, this guy knew what he was doing.

Wayne and his band Sounds of Joy released their debut album in 1970, featuring the song I'm sharing today. Get this: shortly after it was released, the record company's warehouse had a ginormous fire and all the other copies were totally lost. How bananas is that? So, basically, this became an extremely hard album to find but it's so great. It's funky and soulful and has reggae all thrown in there and mixed around. It was reissued sometime in the nineties, so people could get their paws on this amazing album once again.

I am loving the horns on this and the superb screams of Wayne. That horn intro! I just adore this song. Everything about it is perfect.

Wayne McGhie and the Sounds of Joy - Fire (She Need Water)

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