Monday, July 6, 2009

ain't no sunshine: battle royale

Two artists. One amazing song. An EPIC battle. PART THREE.

In 1971, Bill Withers released his album Just As I Am. This album has it all. You need to own this if you don't already. I mean, are we kidding with a cover of "Let It Be?" I'm dying inside. Also, "Grandma's Hands?" Oh boy. Also featured on this album are Stephen Stills and Booker T. Jones. So it must suck! KIDDING. Anyway, Bill likes to lean on brick walls and hold his lunchbox and smile at all the passersby that know he is a total baller. I'll get to the point in a second. Give me time.

On this album, there are many great songs but one song that is truly spectacular. I'm talking about a little ditty called "Ain't No Sunshine." It's been sampled and covered a bajillion times and it's beautiful. I love the "IKNOWIKNOWIKNOW" part because I can truly belt that out and feel like I'm really singing with Bill.

Please watch Bill in this video and if you tell me you haven't fallen in love with him in the first thirty seconds, we can't be friends. Hello, orange turtleneck!

Bill Withers - Ain't No Sunshine

So I totally love the Bill Withers original version, but then there is another version floating out there in the universe that also warms my heart. It's be a little known singer named Michael Jackson. He's semi-famous so you may not know him.

Michael was such a cutie-pie at this age and this is probably my favorite MJ era. I love him on that album cover. So presh. He recorded this album in 1972 when he was about 14. It was his solo debut album and a milestone in my life, as well. I simply cannot handle his sweet voice on this song. It sounds so wonderful. I want it to be raining outside while I watch Rudy and cry.

Michael Jackson - Ain't No Sunshine

I'm not really asking you to choose between these songs right now, because that would be cruel and awful of me. Listen to both at the same time if you want! Basically, I just want you to have both and know both, because both are awesome and tight. Both both both. Do this for me!

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Paul said...

It's a tough call under the circumstances and all (I think I heard something on the news about Michael Jackson dying the other day...did anyone else hear that?)...anyway, I've got to go with Bill. Just got to. Also, he gets bonus points for the drummer and bass player. They come no cooler.