Monday, February 27, 2012

tight person of the day: bull moose jackson

Oh, Bull Moose. So many suggestive songs.

This guy was an amazing saxophone player and R&B singer in the forties and fifties. I have been researching him since I read about him when trying to research someone else. I can't imagine seeing this guy play live. I know I would be in pieces on the floor. He kills it!

He formed his own band, the Buffalo Bearcats, and had success with them. They released several hilarious songs that were eventually deemed too suggestive for radio play. I can see how they would be scandalous at that time. But they are still so tight.

Here's a Bull Moose song from 1952 - "Big Ten Inch Record." Give it a listen and see if you can figure out what he's really talking about here. I just can't seem to put my finger on it (that's what she said and also multiple apologies).

Another song from 1952 that created a stir - "Nosey Joe." Y'all, these songs. The thing is, they are swinging and great. The lyrics are just seriously designed for some major LOLs.

Hope you had a laugh with Bull Moose Jackson today. Don't play around kids unless you want to get some questions.

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