Tuesday, September 16, 2008

tight people of the day: the elgins

Heaven must have sent this group because I downloaded a Motown anthology bundle and discovered this super tight song. I am so totally obsessed with this song. I am a huge sucker for the old Motown sound. This song has received consecutive days of play in my car. I want all of South First Street to hear this group when I drive by. I also love this for its high danceable factor and the fact that I can also just sit and enjoy it while I eat peanut butter out of a can. (Believe me, I have.)

The Elgins are a Motown group that did most of their recording in the sixties. Once they added singer Saundra Edwards, things really took off. I wish that picture was a little bigger, but can't you tell how much fun they are having? I was doing a little research on this group and they only had a few 7" releases and that's pretty much it. It blows my mind how many groups like this one are out there. They all recorded happy, tight soul and then went into oblivion somewheres. Well, at least a skinny (it's my blog) white girl from Texas is enjoying them forever and ever.

The Elgins - Heaven Must Have Sent You

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