Tuesday, April 19, 2011

tight person of the day: sweet emma barrett

Another day, another tight person. I am ready to unleash all over this blog again. I haven't given it the proper attention for some time, but things have really been busy here in Austin, Tejas. I want to kick it off again with an amazing woman, someone truly deserving of recognition here at Is This Tight.

The beautiful and talented Sweet Emma Barrett. Just look at her. The jingle bells around her legs!? I can't even deal. These bells led her to be known as the Bell Gal, also a super tight nickname, in my opinion.

Sweet Emma is from Nawlins, and rose to fame singing and playing piano with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band (also worth a post). She recorded several tight albums in the sixties, including this one, a personal fave of mine.

She suffered a stroke but kept right on tickling. The thing is, she's a total diva in the best sense. I am in awe of her when I watch videos of her performing. To me, she just seems to personify the New Orleans spirit and what the music from that iconic town means to me. Sassy, funky, soulful, and unique. She wasn't afraid to play those dirty bars and did it her whole life. I hope you love watching her as much as I loved Google image searching her.

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Daddy-O said...

That is some sassy funky stuff right there. Sort of from the Professor Longhair school of getting down or maybe it is the other way around. I don't know and it probably does not matter.