Wednesday, February 3, 2010

gifts from the internet, part 876

One of the reasons I love the interweb is for all the useless stuff that floats around that I can melt with brain with after a long day at work. I mean, like I really LOVE IT. It's why I can barely get things done or get anywhere on time. I like to read the news and I really like to catch up on the latest music reviews, etc, but there is nothing like a good meaningless blog or a stupid video to make me whole again.

Having said that, please enjoy one of the latest and greatest things I have ever seen. Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. Featuring the stunning stache and presence of one Mr. Tom Selleck, a waterfall of some kind, and a delicious sub.

Be sure to get a peek at Tom with the panini!

Also, please enjoy a cat dressed as a businessman. The best way to spend your time, I promise you, is watching this cat. Just put this on a loop when you are feeling sad. HE'S GIVING A DAMN POWER POINT PRESENTATION.

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