Wednesday, February 3, 2010

two giants meeting

There are really no words to describe how powerful this video is for me. It should be for you, too, once you watch it. I mean, really.

Louis Armstrong and Johnny Cash just sitting around and playing some tunes. Can I time travel to this moment and bring the scotch? I'm dying inside. This clip comes from Johnny Cash's television show in 1970. They have a sweet convo about Jimmie Rodgers, the country artist. He is also a personal fave of mine.

In 1930, Louis Armstrong played on Jimmie's recording of his song "Blue Yodel No. 9." The Blue Yodel songs were Jimmie's classic blues numbers. I mean, Louie and Jimmie together is way tight. Anyway, FORTY years later Louis pops up on Johnny's show to play No. 9 with Cash. This is the best thing in my life. These two big voices together in one clip is almost too much for me to handle.

Author's Note: How cute is Louis? I'm about to just give up on life because he is so damn adorable. LET'S GIVE IT TO EM IN BLACK AND WHITE. Jesus H. Please watch all the way through because it will be the best five minutes of your life.

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Daddy-O said...

It gets no cooler.