Monday, December 21, 2009

christmas series #8: louis armstrong

Can you believe Christmas is this FRIDAY?! Oh my, I'm so excited. One part of Christmas that can get a bit frustrating is the shopping. People start driving like maniacs around these parts and I start to want to avoid any mall that was ever constructed. One thing that helps during those busy last few days before Christmas is having some good Christmas tunes to get you through. Good thing I do!

Are you ready to listen to Louis Armstrong killing it on a Christmas song? Get ready. This baller.

Louis is a raspy voiced King of Everything from Nawlins. Obvi, he was meant to grace this earth. He's one of the greatest musicians of all time. He was extremely talented in the trumpet department, but his voice was such a signature that it instantly creates a tear flowage so strong from my eye and nasal area that I have to leave any room where he is playing. His collaborations with Ella Fitzgerald really can't be topped. Also, did you know he adopted a boy that was mentally disabled and he took care of him until the day he died? True Christmas spirit happening, y'allz.

So during the Christmas season, listen to some uplifting Louis Armstrong and get ready for serious countdown. It's almost here!

Louis Armstrong - Cool Yule

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