Friday, July 17, 2009

southern nights: battle royale


In 1975, one of the biggest ballers alive, Allen Toussaint, released a totally tight album called Southern Nights. Of course, he had been working steadily until this point writing songs and producing and making a huge impact in the New Orleans music scene. I really love this album. The title track is so sweet. It is truly perfect for a southern summer night. Apparently, Allen wrote the song thinking of all his hot summer nights spent as a kid lazing about listening to stories. Summer rules! This song fits well with a blanket and like, one whole watermelon each, and like, one whole jug of sangria each, and some stars. Dead serious. This song makes most of my dreams come true. I love the piano. And also how he sounds like he is 65 miles away but also right next to me. To close, will someone please discuss that medallion with me? KTHANKS.

Well, a couple of years later, Glen Campbell decided this song reminded him of HIS childhood and he thought to record it himself. He gave it a good ole country spin and had a huge hit with this song. He released his version in 1977 and it went straight to the top of the charts. I totally love Glen Campbell, mostly for "Wichita Lineman." Which I LOVE. So, I think it's tight that he covered this song and really did give it his own sound. It's a slightly more danceable version, I think.

Thoughts on a favorite? I tend to lean to the Toussaint just because no one can touch him. BUT I do love Glenny because I have a secret/not-so-secret soft spot for country. Either way, you are guaranteed a happy summer evening by listening. Seacrest out.

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