Friday, June 26, 2009

my morning jacket - a cappella

Well, I'm still reeling from the Michael Jackson news. Seems pretty tragic. Although, I feel like for some of the later years of his life, he might have been half-alive anyway. He seemed like a sad human being. Hopefully he found some happiness in his children, and I feel pretty blue for them right about now. DANG. I brought this blog down. Now for something happy.

This has been floating on the internets, and I know it's been posted a million other places that love My Morning Jacket. But guess what, I also love MMJ, so I DON'T CARE. This is a cool video. The Carleton Singing Knights are performing "Wordless Chorus" a cappella. I did a little research and found these guys are from Carleton College in Minnesota.

How tight is this? I appreciate the lead singer so much. Also, that guy off to the side in his SOCKS (!!!) who is beat boxing the entire time. Big ups to that bro. Anyway, maybe this will put a smile on your mug after that totally bananas day yesterday.

Here's the original MMJ version:

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