Saturday, June 27, 2009

first taste of mtv

as a kid i watched mr. ed with my dad, double dare, and a whole lot of mtv. mtv served up an endless supply of music videos all day and night - no date with your mom or carson daily bullshit. by far michael jackson's videos were the most compelling and mystifying, the mix of innovative imagery with quirky story telling matched with jackson's addicting head bopping shrills, beats, and crotch grabbing completely entranced me. the following videos were my favorite.

i wanted to eat breakfast at that diner.

crotch grabbing in a subway station, very aspirational.

anti-gravity lean equipped with kiddie theatrical noir.

hauntingly terrifying.

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Chappell said...

i'm really fond of the Leave Me Alone video. the other day, i watched the video for Scream, remembering how it was the most expensive video of all time. amazingly, it's not too dated and is still pretty great.

Also, what about the video for You Rock My World? there were a ton of celebs in it, Chris Rock or Jamie Foxx (two x's) or something. The video is pretty baller, but that's when MJ's face was at its kabuki worst.