Wednesday, May 6, 2009

wednesdays = something to look forward to

I want to showcase a special video today. Matt Graham is a special dude. He reads this blog, which earns baller status right away. He also makes music. He has started doing a weekly series of songs every Wednesday. This was the video he made last week and I wanted to post it on a Wednesday, even if it's a week late (forgive me, MG). First of all, the addition of the puppet brings the LOLs but the song is really cute and creative. Well done. Don't we all need a glass of wine like that to get us through a tough Wednesday? Also, does this posting grant me a singing spot in the next Wednesday video??


--matt g said...

i think i'm retiring from wednesdaysongwriting. i mean,
i made isthistight i can die
happy now.

you can sing with me any day
of the week.

"i can't sing wit you girl"
what movie?

anna said...

selena? j/k