Monday, May 4, 2009

stand by me - world edition

Are you ready to cry? I like to cry at things that are good, like the scene in Steel Magnolias when Sally Field cries her eyes out in the cemetery and says, "It really does look like a brown football helmet!" about her hair. Off topic.

The point is, I have something to help you get those emotions out. Check out this totally tight video. I want to send massive props to Matt for sending me this and knowing it was tight. This video consists of the best cover of Ben E. King's "Stand By Me" that you will ever hear. But there's a totally awesome catch. It was recorded ALL OVER THE WORLD.

The base track started in California, and from there the filmmakers/recorders journeyed to New Orleans, Africa, and even Amsterdam to lay on vocals and other instruments to the original track. It just gets better and better and so moving. I mean, doesn't this make you feel like something right is happening in the world? Frrl. Can you believe there is so much talent in the world? Can you believe all this was done with a laptop? Dang. Enjoy.

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