Monday, April 27, 2009

tight person of the day: chet baker

Earlier I was cleaning my room and I had a big decision to make. What music should I listen to? This is a big deal for me, so don't hate! If I'm doing something that requires the television being turned off, it's music time. And I always need to find the perfect tune to go with the weather/my mood/what I'm doing. So since today was rainy and a little gross and I was feeling tired and a little grumpy, I put on a little Chet Baker to help me feel better! It worked!

Chet Baker is a super relaxing trumpet player who specializes in that tight "cool jazz" sound. Chet really rose to fame playing with the Gerry Mulligan Quartet in the fifties. In this band, he had a magical solo on a little ditty called "My Funny Valentine" which would eventually become one of his sig tunes. Also, he was kind of a hottie, let's be real. He perfected a baller West Coast sound.

Anywayz, Chet dabbled in acting but also in the heroin and soon developed a pretty bad habit. I don't want to take away from his great talent, but the drugs def affected his career and and would eventually end his life. Chet moved to Europe in the seventies and enjoyed a semi-comeback before dying tragically in 1988. Even though his story is sad, perhaps it will pique your interest and inspire you to check out more Chet. A movie, Let's Get Lost, was made about his life in 1988 and is super tight.

The thing is, he's a serious jazz legend. The song I'm sharing today is almost guaranteed to get you in the chill zone. I'm also serious about dancing to this at my wedding. Wedding reference #988833. DEAL WITH IT, AMERICA. This song is perfect for a rainy Monday, so sit back and enjoy a little Chet on me.

Chet Baker - Easy Living


Mrs. Graham said...

Gerry Mulligan is actually Andy's second cousin. For reals!

Paul said...

That is some serious chillin' music right there. Chet is the best. Anyone who does not have it, should seek out a copy of the "Let's Get Lost" soundtrack. Highly recommended. Best to listen after midnight.

Sarah "Sissy" Elizabeth Emmons said...

My dad has a theory that Chet Baker was actually an androgynous woman with a deep voice who masqueraded as a man and her name was in fact "Hettie"