Monday, February 9, 2009

tight people of the day: L.T.D.

I just poured a glass of medicine, got a mint Milano cookie, and let my magic iTunes go to work. All I need right now is the complete Freaks and Geeks series on DVD, some Kettle Chips, a Snuggie, another glass of medicine, and Stains the cupcake dog on a loop! I would be set.

By the way, I was enjoying this super fine evening with a delicious tune from a funk band known as L.T.D. Did you know that these letters really stand for Love, Togetherness, and Devotion? I am dead serious and I'm dead pumped. I would love to have a band where I just strung together three words to make the name. Cookie, House, and Lamp. Water, Lotion, and Flame. This is hard! But I also just looked around my room.

L.T.D. is a funk and R&B band formed in 1968. Their biggest hit was probably the song I am sharing with you today, which was released in 1977. Listen, no one has ever accused me of not getting UP at a dance party but I think this song will do the trick every time if you are a bit shy on the dance floor. I also like this song because it's true. I will pretty much fall in love with you if you say one funny thing. Especially if you do an impression of Stains the dog OR have watched Never Been Kissed at least 75 times.

For some reason, it reminds me of summer and barbecues, even though I have never listened to it while barbecuing. I just love songs that have horns, sweet beats, and areas where you could do some synchronized clapping! Holla. I love how he says, "Excuse me, I'm only human." Talk to the hand.

I'm just being real with you - how fast can this song turn into a conga line situation? Get to dancing!

L.T.D. - (Everytime I Turn Around) Back in Love Again

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