Wednesday, February 4, 2009

nightly walk situations

So I just took a walk through downtown Austin. I passed some doodz in business suits, some nicely dressed ladies, some hobos, and some runners. Tight! Here's the thing: I also passed Leslie. I see him everywhere these days! I was listening to Bread on my iPod, too. Embarrassing? I don't care. But I didn't really want to get too close and have him hear it. And then smile. And then I would wonder if he heard me listening to Bread and that's why he was smiling. I'M TURNING INTO WOODY ALLEN WITH ALL THE ANXIETY. Anywayz, I passed him but I gave him a peace sign. Good gawd! Who do I think I am - Miley Cyrus?

I haven't flashed someone a peace sign since age 16 when I would drive with all the windows down and I thought I was awesome. But really I was just a huge asshat. Please tell me I'm still at least a little bit tight. I haven't lost your respect, have I?

So anyway, Leslie also had this crazy fanny pack on and it reminded me of this infomercial I see ALMOST EVERY NIGHT for the Buxton Over the Shoulder Organizer. This is the ugliest piece of shit I have ever seen. Who cares that it holds two water bottles? Shouldn't you be more concerned with looking like a total dork? I love how frustrated the woman is in the beginning when she can't find her celly. Newsflash: all pants come with pockets. Try putting it in there. Also, does anyone stuff his phone in a bag anymore anyway? I carry mine out all the time, mostly as a status symbol. Let's be real. I don't know why this is important or matters to anyone, but this damn bag really pisses me off. I also hate the way he says "GENUIIINE" leather. I'm going to straight vom.

edit: I embedded the video originally, which I thought was super tight. However, it wouldn't stop auto playing and no one needs that. Head the website to see it. SOWWY!

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whahappen? said...

Ok - I'm really diggin' you. You are straight up hilarious. I love finding all these funny people on-line.

I was going to rent a comedy tonight, but I think I'm just gonna hang out and keep reading. Thanks. You saved me 5 bucks!