Sunday, February 22, 2009

happy oscar day!

Tonight, the Oscars happen. I love watching for the red carpet. SORRY. But I'm a little pissed this year because nothing makes me want to tune in less than Hugh Jackman as host. I don't get that at all. Maybe he will be really tight and surprise me. But I've heard rumors he does some song and dance number with Zac Efron, and so I'm already skeptical.

Anyway, that's not why you called. In honor of this year's Academy Awards ceremony, I have found one of the very best acceptance speeches. Jack Palance is most known to us as Curly from City Slickers (which I used to watch A LOT btdubs). In 1992, he won Best Supporting Actor for that role. That same year, Billy Crystal was host of the Oscars, and also happened to be Jack's co-star in the film. Jack's acceptance speech is so tight because he pokes a little fun at Billy. He also shows how fit he still is at age 73. It brings the LOLs. Sorry I can't embed it. The Oscar people won't let it happen.

Happy Oscar Watching. I've only seen The Wrestler and Wall-E, so I have no room to judge anything. I'll be drinking medicine and crying.

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Sarah "Sissy" Elizabeth Emmons said...

Follow up comment:

Did you like his hosting chops or no?

Me=guilty pleasure–lamé spandex and modern dance?

Yes please.