Sunday, February 22, 2009

gangsta snuggie!

Is this tight? We all remember the Snuggie, that magical-creepy-blanket-with-sleeves-that-makes-you-look-like-a-monk thing. Well, someone has topped the Snuggie with another great invention. The Snuggie was just too plain jane, y'all! Presenting the Gangsta Snuggie!

I'm almost positive this is just a sleeping bag, but who cares? We're still going with Gangsta Snuggie on this one. Everyone needs one of these!

SIDENOTE: Were you aware there is competition in the blanket with sleeves world? Snuggie vs. Slanket!


Marissa said...

Umm...I don't know. I'm thinking - mutant tomato caterpillar.

And what if you have to go potty real quick?

coffee maker said...

anyone can buy a Snuggie in lieu of having a special someone to snuggle them back