Tuesday, July 26, 2011

summer disco track

ANNA FACT: I am into some disco songs. I feel like they are the perfect background for a summer day around the house. For example, today I listened to the 45 I have of this song OVER AND OVER while I swept, dusted, and made iced coffee. Sound good? Well, join me in a little listen of this tight tune and we can be disco dynamos together today.

Can you handle this sweet groove? The singing duo of Bo and Ruth will take you to dance town. Bo Kirkland and Ruth Davis were both recording independently until they were put together by their label do an album. It was released in 1976 and this song was quite a smash. Unfortunately, the label folded shortly after that. I recommend this single but also looking for any Bo and Ruth that you can find.

FUN FACT: The B side of this 45 is a song called "Stay Out My Kitchen (If You Can't Stand The Heat)." Laugh out loud.


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